Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pure hearts.

My Brodie B. has always blown me away with his ability to increase my faith. I have tons of stories that has happened spiritually with him. 

A few days ago I shared a blog I wrote a year or so ago about a popular book and movie. After I thought about it, I deleted the share from my facebook. I didn't change my opinion, I just didn't want anyone to read into it the wrong way. The most important thing I always want to reflect is my love for Jesus and my love for others. I would never want anyone to think that I thought my opinion was the gospel or that I was judging the ones who disagree. I believe whole heartedly in listening to our own convictions. Yours may be different from mine and that is fine. I follow my convictions & I would imagine that my fellow Christian friends do too. If we don't have the same, I love you all the same. It doesn't make you any more or less of a Christian if we have the same convictions. I try to follow Gods word the best for my life and I love sharing my life with you. (Just to clarify.)

As for teaching Brodie about Jesus, we've kept it very simple. We've taught him about prayer and worship. We share stores with him out of his children's bible. We never talk about sin. He's too young.

Today, I was cleaning. I wanted to hear a few of the artist that performed on the Grammys. I listen to a very limited amount of secular music so I didn't care to hear most of it. I was cleaning across the house from the TV and Brodie was playing. A certain artist was performing that I wasn't paying attention to and Brodie ran up to me with the remote. He said "turn this off Mama, Jesus doesn't like this." It shocked me. How did my 3 year old know what Jesus did or didn't like? I said "well we better turn it off. " & that's what we did.

My mind has been racing ever since. What made him feel this way? I've turned to scripture today and find comfort that my little boy already listens to his convictions. My prayer is that he never changes. There is power in being bold and there is power in the truth. BUT I think the most power is in love. Gods love for us is real and it's our greatest gift. Love you all & thank you for reading my rants! 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Memories & long roads.

Traveling to my sisters house, Phillip and I talked about traveling as kids. I can remember laying on the floor of our van, hearing the road under me, & feeling the heat. I remember going right to sleep with complete trust that my daddy would get me to our destination. I had no worries. Now, I know he was probably exhausted with 4 kids. He was probably counting down the miles.

My daddy. I've been thinking about him tonight. 

My mama tells me that I've always been a daddy's girl. I can remember. She said I use to wait to hear his old truck come down the driveway and he would pick me up and take me to the store to fill a little brown bag up with my favorite candy. Every day. 

I remember him sending me flowers and the way it made me feel as a little girl. I can remember him laying on the floor and standing on his hands. I can remember him driving to 4 different restaurants to get us all what we wanted to eat. He never told me no when I asked for a friend to spend the night. He bought them whatever they wanted too. I didn't know just how much he was doing then. He never complained, though. He made my childhood fun and memorable. 

My daddy was the provider for my family. He ran his own business and my mom stayed home with 4 kids until we got older and then she went back to school. He would work hard everyday, go grocery shopping, & come home. When he got home, he took us to games and practices and even coached. 

I can remember as I got older, I would wait again to hear his old truck coming down the driveway. I would have plans of my own and I would be dressed and ready to go. He would see me coming...he knew what I wanted. I can just see him now dirty as can be with a truck full of wood and smiling at me saying "hey girlie." I would tell him hey and give him a quick rundown of my plans. He would hand me $20 with no question and to tell me to have fun. I didn't realize then how much he was doing. Now, I know. It's hard to run a business & it's hard to provide for a family on one income. But he did it. 

My daddy always encouraged me, believed in me, & supported me. I have some of the best memories with my daddy.

& then, we began noticing a change. My daddy-the perfect one became addicted to drugs. It hurt us. But I decided I would do what he always did for me, love me. He had his ups and downs, but always had his addiction. I watched him go to rehab, come home clean, & relapse. I never stopped praying and believing that God would bring my daddy back.

I am proud and so thankful today that my daddy is healed and clean. He is back. I've watched him these past few months transform his life. He has made a complete turn around and I couldn't be more proud to call him my daddy. He's taught me the biggest lesson in life: anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

I am just thankful for my daddy today.
He is a good man and he's becoming one of my greatest friends. I love
laughing with him. Brodie adores him and will never know the ugly disease that almost took him from us. 

God has been so faithful and had answered my prayers. 

I'm so proud of you daddy and I love you with all of my heart.