Brodie Layton 10/31/11

Brodie Layton Beasley
I was due 11/11/11 & was scheduled to have to be induced on 11/2-hoping for a 11/3 birth date.

Well, Brodie Beasley had other plans.

Saturday, October 29th our church had its annual Trunk or Treat. Phillip and I attended because we were very involved with children's ministry. It was cold & I was miserable. Later, my family told me I looked miserable too. :) Well, the next day(October 30th) we decided to skip church and relax. I couldn't relax. I woke up and scrubbed my house. When I finished I looked at my husband and said, Brodie is coming today. He laughed and told me to get ready for lunch. It's a family tradition for us to eat together as a family after church. Since we didn't go that day, my family decided to come to me. My mom is blessed with what we call a "knower." She just knows when something is about to happen. SO my dad, mom, sister(Amanda) & future brother in law (Jareb)<~OH big event I skipped on October 21st Jareb proposed!), 2 brothers(David & Dustin) sister-in-law (Megan), and a family friend (Ryan) drove an hour to eat lunch with me. As we are pulling up to the gate, I feel a small trickle-almost like a I laughed too hard and peed! (TMI~> sorry) As you ladies know, fluids are a tricky thing while pregnant. I grabbed my husband arm and said I think my water kinda broke. He looked at me and said KINDA? I had no contractions so I told him it may have just been something else. We decided to go to Ryan's to eat. While eating, Phillip convinced me to call me doctor. My doctor(Michael Jackson<~seriously) told me that it sounded like a leaking bladder but to head to the hospital just in case. So we all head to Candler Hospital<~an hour away. We got there at about 5:00 pm. On the way there, Jareb & Amanda rode with us and we laughed and talked. I did not feel like a baby was on its way. When I got up to a room, the nurse told me that Dr. Jackson told her to check me out but he was positive it was false labor. The nurse asks me to show her the liquid that I felt. I explain to her that it was a very small trickle and it was now dry. So she told me to lay on the bed until I felt the same thing. Luckily, I had another small trickle within minutes. She did the Q-tip swab and it turned bright blue/green. She said "Yep, your water is breaking." We always imagine a huge rush of water like the movies...but NOPE not me. So, I was placed in a room. The nurse called Dr. Jackson and said "Let her labor." Family started piling in and visiting. When I was at about 4cm I was in so much pain I asked for my epidural. It came quickly. I was the most nervous about this, but it was NOTHING. It was done in a flash and my contractions were immediately gone. I was laughing and talking with family as they came in 2 by 2. WELL, at about 5 cm I started feeling tremendous pressure. The nurse came in and I told her about my pain. She called back the anesthesiologist and he checked everything. I could feel the liquid running down my back & my contractions were gone but the pressure was unbearable. He said I had some sort of block and the epidural would not take away the pain. So TMI again-I could feel everything below my stomach. Needless, to say the next few hours were AWFUL. Family was no longer allowed to visit and it was me, Phillip, my mom, and sister. I was no longer dilating. At 4:00 am, Dr. Jackson finally arrived and broke my water.<~NOW that is a weird feeling. At the same time my nurses changed. This was heaven sent. I was at 9 cm. Dr. Jackson said that if I wasn't fully dilated by 5:00 am then we would be doing a c-section. At that time, I couldn't imagine the contractions for another hour but I wanted to have him naturally so I pushed through. My new nurse started working with me to help me dilate. At 5:00 am, she checked me again and said I was ready to push. AND I was ready. Phillip and mom helped me breathe and Amanda stood by my side. I pushed with her for what seemed like a few minutes and then she was calling the Dr. saying it was time. I pushed one time and will never forget as he came out and I laid eyes on him. Phillip was smiling ear to ear, my mom was laughing and crying and so was Amanda. It was an amazing feeling. They took him to the side, cleaned him up, & daddy put on his first diaper. Phillip puts him in my arms and I look at the prettiest little boy I've ever laid eyes on. He was born on October 31st (Halloween) at 5:29 am weighing 7lbs 9 ounces and 20 inches long.

My Hospital stay flew by. We had so many friends & family come visit and we were adjusting to being new parents. Brodie was so sweet. He slept & slept. I would wake up every 3 hours and wake him up to feed him. My nurse told me that next morning to enjoy the sleep and let him sleep. I just felt like waking up every hour to stare at him. There is nothing like it in this entire world. I now truly understand as best as I can Gods love for his children. We stayed 3 days.

It truly is a whole new world when a baby is born. Life changes. It is a wonderful change. It comes natural and your body happily accepts all that changes. The "sleepless nights" I was warned about became my favorite bonding time with Brodie. It was our time. It was in those times that I learned about him the he likes the temperature of his bottle, how he likes to be held, etc. In his first month, he would wake up every 3-4 hours to be changed and fed. He slept in his bassinet that was attached to his pack-n-play by our bed. I also kept a monitor in there so I could simply look at my night stand and see/hear him breathing. I quickly started working from home so I had a strict routine. My theory on babies thus far is that a baby on a routine is a happy baby. A routine does not mean that you have to stay at home all the time. Me & husband are ALWAYS on the go. It just means that no matter where you are or what you are doing-that your baby is on a routine. At about 2 months old, Brodie outgrew his bassinet. We put him in the bottom of his pack-n-play and he didn't sleep at all. The next night I put him in my bed because I was so tired. He slept through the whole night & we loved him being in the bed. You may think I'm crazy & you may say we are creating a monster but we decided to let him sleep with us and he has every since that night. He also has slept through the night since then.

A sweet surprise video made by brother-in-law, Jareb.
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Another sweet surprise video made by brother, David.
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