Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hello 8 Weeks


How Many Weeks?
I am 8 weeks today.

With my luck, I would get every symptom possible! I am EXTREMELY tired. I would be happy to sleep all day! I have mild cramps and really sore breasts. My morning sickness is all day/everyday. My "Up & Go" has left & I have no motivation for anything. I have no appetite and I have to force myself to eat.

Weight Gain?
I gained 5 lbs around 6 weeks, but now I have lost 6 due to the lack of appetite and nausea.

What I enjoy?
Right now I am enjoying just the new feeling of being pregnant. I can't think about anything else. Regardless of all the symptoms, I am so thankful to be here. I will gladly be sick and tired to have a healthy baby.

What I miss?
I miss my energy. I am an extremely motivated person(I have to be: I'm in sales) & here lately I have to force myself to do anything. I miss caffeine(esp. coffee & diet dr.pepper) I miss eating and actually craving something. But despite all the things I'm missing, I am happy to be gaining something much more special.

My first appointment was March 25th. It was amazing to FINALLY hear the heartbeat. The heartbeat was 152 bmp. I really liked my doctor and I was excited about my choice to use him. (His name is Michael Jackson- hehe) All of my tests came back normal and I was happy to have that first ultrasound out of the way ;) My next appointment is April 27th-We can hardly wait.
And I must add here that my husband just continues to show me how wonderful he is. I love laying in bed at night & feel his hand reach over and hold my stomach. I know at that moment he is praying for me and the baby. I can't describe what it means to have a praying husband.

I plan to document my entire pregnancy. I think it will be something I will cherish in the future. Thanks for sharing this life changing experience with us!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011



"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

This scripture has been on my heart for the past few days. Friday, as we walked out of the doctors office after hearing our baby's heartbeat,  I looked up at my husband and said "We have so much to be thankful for." I know that I have said that thousands of times, but in that moment I truly knew what it meant. When I stop and think about God & how good He is, I am overcome with emotion. I want to share with you one of my favorites dramas performed by "The Awakening." I hope it blesses you as much as it blesses me.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Phillip and I are having a baby!! Today was my 1st doctors appointment and we got to hear the heartbeat. It was an overwhelming experience. I was so relieved to hear the heartbeat and I was so happy. It was 152 BMP. We found out by a home pregnancy test March 6th so we've been waiting for today for soooooo long! I've had the usual symptoms: extremely tired, morning sickness, etc. I am so thankful to God for blessing us! We are so ready to become parents! I am 7 weeks pregnant, which I was a bit bummed because I thought I was closer to 9 weeks based on my last menstrual cycle! Here goes the countdown!!

1st Ultrasound: Can hardly see b/c its too early! I will go again in 5 weeks!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

✹Friday Night: Mr. Beasley decided to go coon hunting in Macon, so I decided I was going to sit in with my 2 favorite girls(Sadie & Dora) & relax! My sister-in-law, Megan ended up calling so we decided to relax together. We went to dinner at a local restaurant called Spanky's.  After dinner we went back to my house & watched Morning Glory. It was pretty good-I adore Rachel McAdams! Megan left and I fell asleep on the couch until Phillip came home (4am)

✹Saturday: We did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING<~and I was pretty mad about that! I woke up early to a beautiful day! I immediately get ready for the day! I go run a few errands & pick up lunch! When I get home at 1:15, Phillip is still in bed!! UGH! So, I wake his lazy behind up, feed him, & then he gets on the couch! BIG MISTAKE-I decide to lay down with him! We end up watching movies all day! We did make it off the couch by 8:15 to head to Savannah to eat at one of our favorites, Outback.

✹Sunday: We went to our favorite place in the world, International Worship Center! We had an amazing service & it felt so good to be around my church family. We spent the rest of the day at my parents with family.

To sum my weekend up in two words: Lazy & Unproductive!

✰I'm looking forward to the Bachelor tonight! Team Emily or Team Chantal? I'm honestly okay with either choice! I love Emily way more then Chantal, but I like the way Brad is comfortable around her! We will see!!! I can hardly wait! ✰

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


❶ Change. Phillip & I have a lot of changes going on in our life & its all wonderful :)

❷ Chocolate Cheerios: My new favorite breakfast.

❸My Range Rover-it has been a blessing with all of the things I carry around daily compared to my BMW (it was my Christmas present from my hunny)

❹My New Couch: I need to take a picture! It is so nice and so comfy!

❺& of course my husband

Monday, March 7, 2011

I love Mondays.

Here's WHY:
❶It feels like a new beginning. I always set my weekly goals on Mondays.
❷Soul Steppers practice. I spend one hour teaching ages 4-12 dance & drama at my church. I currently have 38 children on my team :)
❸My favorite show the Bachelor comes on! I leave the church at 7pm and I get home in time to slip into something comfortable and get on my couch to not move for an hour! This season I love Emily, but I'm all for Chantal. I think her and Brad are better for each other. Brad wants whoever he marries to move to Texas and I can't see Emily moving her precious daughter from her home!

❹My husband doesn't come into the office. I get a lot done, but I also can't wait to get home to see him :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I am so glad to be home...even though I was only gone for only one night it was the first night I didn't wake up next to my husband since we've been married. I had an amazing time with the girls, but nothing is better than being in my cozy home with Phillip and my 2 babies!

I saw this on another blog and figured I would do it too :)

A-Age: Fabulous 25

B-Bed size: King & I might add memory foam :)

C-Chore you hate: Bathrooms

D-Dogs: Sadie & Dora (Chihuahuas)

E-Essential start to your day: A long hot shower

F-Favorite Color: Yellow

G-Gold or Silver: Silver

H-Height: 5'5

I-Instruments you play: None

J-Job title: Sales

L-Live: Georgia

M-My mom's name: Mary, the best mommy in the world

N-Nickname: Crazy

O-Overnight hospital stay: Luckily, no.

P-Pet Peeve: Oh, I have many. My biggest would have to be smacking.

Q-Quote from a movie: "Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy. I'm so happy today."

R-Right/Lefty: Righty

S-Sibling: David, Dustin, & Amanda-my world.

T-Time you wake up: 7:30 am

U-Underwear: Aerie

V-Veggies you dislike: I like them all

W-What makes you run late: EVERYTHING

X-Xrays you've had: None

Y-Yummy food you make: My husband makes all the yummy food. What can I say...I'm a lucky girl.

Z-Zoo animal: Monkey

Hope everyone has a blessed week! I'm looking forward to a new & prosperous week myself :)

Friday, March 4, 2011


I am in Tifton for a Womens Conference, but I had to blog about my latest and greatest news!

My wedding photographer, Misty Deblasio called me today to tell me that our wedding has been accepted by a few blogs to be featured! One is already up!

Check it out:

(Sorry, my link button isn't working! )

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Show Me Your Rings

I came across this post and thought it would be fun to play along: Mrs. Yellow Ribbon

Show me your....RINGS!

Did you look at rings together?
Yes, I tried mine on and then I looked at the price and put it down...I tried on a smaller that I loved-so he knew my style! To my surprise, he got my 1st choice

Do you like your ring? Did you from the beginning?...and be honest!
I've loved it since I first laid eyes on it. I will always love my ring!

How often do you wear your rings?
I only take them off at night.

Do you clean your rings?
Yes, atleast one time every 2 weeks.

What went through your mind the very first time you saw your ring?
I was so excited to see my #1 choice in that box! It looked even better in the little black box! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My FIRST What I'm Loving Wednesday

❤I LOVE that I'm leaving Friday to go to Tifton for the Church of God Women Conference. I can't wait to spend time with some of my favorites! There is nothing better than a road trip, spending time with friends, & being in the presense of God.

❤I LOVE having my sister as my assistant. Not only do I trust her to hand things over to her(I'm a control freak), but I love spending the extra time with her!

❤I LOVE that Phillip & I were able to get my parents a NEW house!

❤I LOVE that GOD is the center of my life.

❤I LOVE blogging-I'm a newbie!

❤I LOVE my husband!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


What an AWFUL day! I thought my day would pick up after my first post this morning, but it just got worse & worse!

1st & least I found out my couch will not be here until Thursday-I was bummed but then...

I found out my sister & fiances English Bulldog, Gracie drowned in their pool. My heart just aches-Phillip and I got the chance to dog sit her a few weeks ago and she is the best dog. As a puppy, she survived parvo-it seems so sad that she had to go this way. We will miss "Gracie Lou Freebush" (my name for her)

THEN...someone calls us and let us know that the ambulance was at one of our houses. We tell the person to keep us informed. A few minutes later we found out that our tenant had a heart attack and passed away. She was a wife & a mother to two daughters. Please keep this family in your prayers.