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Paisley Monroe 10/29/14

This is the story of:

Paisley Monroe Beasley

Born: 10/29/2014

Weight: 8.4 lbs
Length: 20.5 inches
Time: 3:34 am

March 10th 2014: It was a normal day. I got up and got Brodie & I dressed for the day. Granny Beasley took Brodie to his Aunt Karen's & I headed to work at Keller Williams in Pooler. The only difference was this was the morning I was going to start taking Plexus. I had recently lost 50 lbs and felt like I was stuck. I decided to try Plexus to give myself another boost. I was very excited to start. I had my pink drink ready. Well, as I was driving I realized the date. I was a few dates late. This wasn't unusual but it made me a little nervous to start taking this diet pill/drink. So, I drove to the closest dollar store and picked up the cheapest pregnancy test I could find. You see, I knew in my mind that I wasn't pregnant. I just needed to reassure myself before taking this diet pill. We had no luck within the past 2  years so I'd given up on it. I was beginning to accept that Brodie would be my only one and I was grateful.  I walked into my office, said hello to the office manager, and went straight to the back to the restroom. I couldn't wait to drink my pink drink and get started on my new diet. Well, I peed and put the stick on the back of the toilet while I washed my hands. I checked my Facebook on my phone and got lost reading a blog I follow. I looked up expecting to wrap the test up and toss it BUT...there it was...2 lines. WHAT????

I was in complete shock. Shock that equaled the greatest excitement. I could not believe it. I got myself together and walked out the bathroom. The office manager was standing in the break area and said "Are you okay?? You look pale." I blurted out, "I'm pregnant." Yep, she was the first to know. I walked outside to my car to make sure I read the instructions correctly on the box. Yep. 2 lines=pregnant. I wanted to tell Phillip right away so I walked outside and called him. He answered like normal and I said "Hey, you're never going to believe this, but guess what?" He said "Oh gosh, what now?" Haha. I said "I'm pregnant." After about 30 seconds of silence, he said "Are you kidding?" And of course, we both laughed and talked about how we couldn't believe it!" I then sent him this photo for proof.

To keep the tradition, I called Amanda next. She said that she sat straight up in bed. We laughed and cried together. I couldn't contain my excitement so I called my amazing boss, Christine Durrence (the greatest Realtor in town if you ever need one) & told her what was going on. She let me have the rest of the day off to celebrate. So, I drove straight to my moms. I couldn't wait to tell her.  She met me at the door...I think she was on the phone with Aunt Nancy....and I handed her the test. She started screaming, dancing, singing, and jumping. It is always fun to tell her. She has the perfect reaction. I spent the rest of the day telling my daddy, brothers, & close friends. We didn't tell my in laws that day because they were busy and we wanted to tell them together. The next day we told them and they were just as excited. Mr. Ricky teared up as usual and Mrs. Tina said "Its a girl, I just know it."

Phillip & I could not wait to tell Brodie. We lived with my in laws at the time so we took him in our room, closed the door, and said "Guess what's in momma's tummy?" He responded "McDonalds??" We laughed and did the best we could to explain that there was a baby growing in there. He didn't understand, but it was fun to tell him anyways.

Just like with Brodie, I was SICK. Sick all day and sick all night. And TIRED. I felt like I would never get through my busy days of working two jobs and going to school full time. I finally had to let go of school. I was pretty upset about it, but I knew it was impossible in this time of my life. I couldn't do it all and that was hard to accept.
This is my favorite picture. He didn't understand why his nonstop moving mama was out. Bless his little heart.

On March 27th, we went to our 1st doctors appointment. I was excited to use Michael Jackson again. I loved him during my pregnancy with Brodie and during delivery. 
Expected due date: 11.12.14 (Brodie's exact due date)
The heartbeat was 153 bpm. What a beautiful sound.

After hearing the heartbeat, we were ready to announce it. Amanda took some photos and we shared this photo on April 6th.

May 23rd: Its A GIRL!!!
We went to Cherished in Savannah to find out at 14 weeks. Amanda & Jareb traveled home from Charlotte to find out with us. So it was me, Phillip, Brodie, Cheyanne, Mom, Mrs. Tina, Amanda, and Jareb in the room. Amanda Skype in Dustin, David, & Megan.  At first, she had her legs crossed so I had to drink some apple juice. After a few minutes, she turned and the technician announced that it was a girl. We all cheered, cried and celebrated. Brodie was a bit disappointed. He wanted it to be a boy.
 My mama dressed up. She always goes all out. Definitely my biggest fan.

June 26th was my 20 week ultrasound. My mom & Brodie went with me. Phillip had to work and since we already found out what we were having he skipped this appointment. But, I had my little buddy with me as always and my mom filled in. I was happy to hear that she was still a girl and everything was normal. 

Paisley Monroe: The name has no special meaning. I googled names and searched and searched until I found something I loved. Phillip loved it too. 

I spent the summer working and soaking in my time with Brodie B. It's a weird feeling being pregnant with baby #2...or it was for me. Don't get me wrong, I was so happy and excited. But, I had this overwhelming feeling of sadness at times. I couldn't imagine loving another child as much as I loved Brodie. I would get sad thinking that Brodie and I would have to share our time. Brodie is my sidekick. He works with me, he sleeps with me, and is always by my side. We had our days planned and on a solid routine. 

During my pregnancy, I gained 24 lbs. I think it helped staying so busy. Brodie continued to work with me doing my inspections & I eventually let go of my 2nd job.
We grieved the loss of my Aunt Glenda. It was a tough time. 
We also celebrated. We celebrated Phillip's 30th , Cheyanne's 14th, my 29th, & Brodie's 3rd birthday. We moved and we visited with Amanda & Jareb and David, Dustin, and Megan as much as we could. We played and relaxed and prepared. I had 2 amazing showers. (will do a separate post). Brodie mastered potty training. My pregnancy was wonderful. I felt extremely blessed.

October 28th: I just knew it was time.  I knew that Paisley was coming. I had to work so I had a busy day planned for Brodie & I. Well, I woke up and just knew. So, I said a prayer and cuddled my sweet boy. I just knew it was our last day as just the two of us.
I let my sweet boy sleep. When he woke up, we went to work. Yep, I was working at this point. We worked and then we went to the park. Yep, I slid down slides and crawled around the jungle gym with Brodie.

When we got home, I gave him a bath and then got into my jacuzzi tub. I was shaving my legs and started feeling contractions. When I stood up, I felt a little bit of blood trick down my leg. I sat down in the recliner and told Phillip that I was having contractions. I started tracking them on my app.

Cheyanne knew I was in pain so she cooked dinner. My mom called me right as my contractions were coming on. She said she had a feeling. Well, she was right. I ate dinner having contractions 2-3 min apart. My mom came over because she knew I would be headed to the hospital. Finally, I tell Phillip to call Dr. Jackson. He gave him the run down and Dr. Jackson said to come in. My bag and Brodie's bag were already in the car. Phillip grabbed a few things and Cheyanne dressed and got Brodie in the car. I was in a lot of pain and that pain and my contractions were coming on strong. I worked on my phone the whole way to the hospital. My mom and dad followed behind us. 

Brodie waiting on his baby sister to arrive.
 When we got there, we checked in and I was sent to see if it was really labor. After being on the monitors for several minutes, the nurse came in to check me. I was dilated to 3 and was 100% effaced. She called Dr. Jackson and they sent me to labor & delivery. We were so excited! G & Pa came right away and my sister was in her car headed to the hospital from Charlotte.  My nurses were great. I could tell I was going to like them the moment they came in. When I first got into the room, it was just Phillip and I. I was in a lot of pain and the nurses were having a hard time registering me in to their new system. I could tell Phillip was struggling watching me in pain and watching them stumble around. They couldn't send for my epidural until they figured it out so they could check my bloodwork. I tried my best to relax but my biggest fear was the epidural. This time I knew what was coming.  During my delivery with Brodie, my epidural did not work. Apparently, my body chose to reject the medicine. Well, this time it worked like a charm. I could feel a little bit of pressure here and there but it was nothing compared to my last experience. I relaxed, talked with my visitors, and waited on Amanda. Amanda arrived in 3 hours! It usually takes 4.5 hours. I reached 10 cm so Dr. Jackson came in and told me it was time to push. I pushed for about 10 minutes. Paisley Monroe made her grand entrance at 3:34 am and she was the prettiest girl I ever laid eyes on.

My mom, Amanda, Mrs. Tina, & of course Phillip were in the room as I delivered Paisley. As soon as visitors allowed, the rest of our family piled in to meet Paisley.

 Watching Brodie  meet his little sister was one of the sweetest moments of my life so far.  He fell in love with her instantly. He kept holding his hands out saying "I want to hold her."

By the time they moved me to another room, it was close to 7am. Phillip took Brodie and Cheyanne home to get some sleep so my mom and Amanda stayed with me. Mama & Amanda went to Bojangles and got me some breakfast.  My hospital stay flew by. I had several visitors and Phillip, Brodie, & Cheyanne came every night to see me and then to pick us up to leave. Phillip and I decided that he would go home with Brodie during the hospital stay. We didn't want to bombard him with change all at once. He has never spent the night off so we didn't want to make this a first time for him.

Brodie wanted to ride with us. In the elevator, the guy said to 2 older ladies, "somebody was jealous." Brodie heard him and responded "Well,that somebody is not me."

 When we got home, I felt like my family was now complete. I spent the day catching up on sleep while Paisley slept. The next day was Halloween...My Brodie's birthday. We all piled into my moms car. I sat in the back so Paisley wouldn't feel the night air and everyone else got out and trick or treated with the birthday boy. David, Megan, & Dustin made it the next day. We spent the next few days with family taking turns passing Miss Pay around. 

Cheyanne kept up with everything that was happening on your iphone. I thought this was the sweetest thing ever. I'm so happy she was right there with me. I was so comforted knowing that she was in the waiting room with Brodie. 
These are her notes:

Paisley! 👑🎀 Oct 28 9:02 pm
Daddy called Dr. Jackson and he said to come in so we are. So we are riding in the car with our flashers on heading to the hospital. Momma is on her phone doing her work like usual. She is in a lot of pain and she is having contractions every 2-4 min. Apart for the last hour. Daddy is driving as fast as he can to get momma to the hospital. Brodie and Cheynan are in the back seat watching frozen on the tvs while gamma and granddaddy follow us. Momma has already told aunt mama and she said is she on the way! We are now waiting to see what happens!
Oct 28 10:06 pm
We are sitting in the waiting room. Brodie is asleep, when we get a call from momma. And she is still in a lot is pain. Momma is dilated 3 cm. Her contractions are 2 min apart and you are 100% face down ready to come, so HERE WE GO!!!
Oct.29 1:17 am
Momma is dilated 6 cm. and already had her epidural. She is still in a lot of pain but she is tough and will push through. Aunt mama just arrived and is now in the room with momma. She got from charlotte to Savannah in 3 hours(it normally take 4 1/2 hours.) Cheynan is still in the waiting room with Brodie as he sleep. G, Pa, and Grandaddy are also in the waiting room! Hurry up Paisley Monroe!
Oct.29 1:57 am
Gamma Manda momma and daddy are all in the delivery room waiting on you! Brodie and Cheynan are in the waiting room Cheynan is watching a movie while Brodie sleeps. They sure do wish you would hurry up! Grandaddy is in the other waiting room watching tv.
Oct. 29 2:21 am
Cheynan just when back to room 364 to see momma. Momma looked really tired but as happy as she could be! Momma was 9 cm and you are getting closer and closer to coming into this world ! Cheynan gave them the camera. Cheynan then came back out to the waiting room and Brodie woke up! Cheynan grabbed him up and started to rock him and pat his back. G then when back to the room with momma daddy and gamma and aunt mamma came out. When Brodie saw aunt mamma he smiled really big, but acted a little shy. We started to talk to Mamma and Cheynan continued to hold Brodie. Until Brodie told Cheynan that he has to go potty. After that Brodie and Cheynan came back into the waiting room and started to watch justice league! Brodie and Cheynan are waiting and we can't wait for the doctor to push mommas button!
Oct. 29 3:05 am
Cheynan just got a text from gamma saying that Michael Jackson had arrived and then a minute later we were told that momma is up and pushing! Brodie and Cheynan are so excited. They started to pray for a safe delivery process for both momma and paisley! Now we are just waiting to hear that our little princess has entered the world and her journey is about to start!
Oct. 29 3:38 am
We just recieved a call from gamma and we got the news that Paisley Monroe Beasley has made her entrance! Cheynan started jumping up and down aunt Nancy was very happy, Brodie said YAY! And granddaddy and pa looked like everything they ever wanted...they now received it! Gamma let us hear paisley cry and now we are just waiting to see this beautiful baby! ❤️👊👑
Paisley Monroe Beasley
October 29 2014
3:34 am
8.4 pounds
20 1/2 inches long
A beautiful baby
Aunt Nancy said that she will be so happy that her birthday is before Brodie's
Room 353

I'm not sure now why I had any fears of having a 2nd child. Adding Paisley to our family has been the easiest adjustment. Paisley has slept through the night since birth and she is the happiest little girl. Brodie has adjusted well and loves the role of big brother. Phillip helps me as much as he can and our children adore him. Cheyanne is the best big sister anyone could ask for and we love having her in our home.  My heart could explode it is so full of love for my family. I say it all the time, but God is good.