Monday, May 9, 2011


Anybody who knows me, knows that my wedding day was EXTREMELY important to me and I wanted it absolutely perfect. And, it was. To be able to imagine your dream wedding, and then to step into that dream is an amazing experience. I will be forever grateful to everyone who contributed in helping my dreams come true.

My amazing photographer, Misty Deblasio captured the wedding beautifully and then she worked overtime getting our wedding featured in different blogs.  She was only allowed to submit 7.  I have blogged most of the links and here is that latest:

It displays the wedding beautifully and not to mention-I'm featured right after the Royal Couple. hehe-I just love it! Flip through the magazine and find us on page 34/35 & 40-43.(Oh and page 2 has one of my wedding signs handmade by bridesmaids.

I had to share my exciting news!! 

Just to show you the other links and to have a personal entry for each link! 

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  1. Wow! This is amazing Ashley! I can't wait to get back here and check them out. That's awesome! DIY projects have been a blast so far and we still have a lot to do. :)


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