Monday, June 13, 2011


Is it seriously JUNE?? Where has the time gone?  Time is flying by and I couldn't be happier to see November approaching us! I have so much to do to prepare for Brodie, but I am more than anxious to meet him!  A few updates while I've been MIA:

How Many Weeks?
I am 18 weeks & 4 day.

I am feeling wonderful! The sickness has finally eased off and I can finally eat!

Weight Gain?
6 pounds.

What I enjoy?
I enjoy feeling Brodie move! He always seems to move right after I eat.

What I miss?
I miss laying on my stomach at night.

Overall I am completely happy and blessed. My next appointment is next June 20th to see the full anatomy!
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We have been talking about getting a male dog for outside. We found our newest addition in Odum, Ga. yesterday Phillip, Amanda, I made the hour or so trip to go "look" at the puppies. My heart melted when I saw all 5 puppies in a circle around a pool drinking water and all of their ears floating beside them.  The black and tan male stood out and after a few minutes, he was in the truck with us to go to his new home!
Meet Elvis Presley Beasley:
He is a 5 week old, full blooded Bloodhound! :)
Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister, Amanda! (

I can't believe you are 19! I can't think to type anything to emotional because I will cry, but I couldn't be more blessed to have someone like you in my life to share every moment with. You are literally my other half and I couldn't imagine my life without you. I hope your day is as special as you are!

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  1. Oh, regardless if it's "emotional" it still made ME cry! Ha ha.. I love you, Phillip, Brodie, Sadie, and Dora!


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