Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sweet Boys

Brodie & Judah.

When Brodie met Judah he met his match. They were best friends instantly. It took one minute and they were bffl. It was our 2nd visit to IWC. We were in the sanctuary talking and Brodie was clinging to my side. All of a sudden a loud, rambunctious little oranged haired boy ran in and hit Brodie and said "tag." Brodie ran behind him & I was shocked. Brodie at the time was so shy with strangers and he hated church because he didn't want to go to a class. He would sit with us and I'd spend most of the service quietly entertaining him. After his brief moment of running with Judah, he was convinced that he had a new friend. The next Sunday he was excited to see his friend. It wasn't much longer that I convinced him to go to class because Judah was in there. It worked. Judah helped me help Brodie. 

Brodie and Judah. Whooo a complete handful. They are ALL boy. They play, they fight, they laugh, they cry, they love each other, they hate each other. They spend everyday together. Now, add in Judah's baby brother Jed and it's the three stooges. They are like brothers and I love their little relationship.

I type all that to lead to a story. One that touched my soul so deep:

Baby Jed is sick. He's in the hospital (say a prayer for him please). This past Saturday we went to go see Jed in the hospital and pick up Judah. I explained to Brodie that he was sick. Brodie quickly said a prayer and believed he would be healed. I picked up Jed a stuffed Ninja Turtle and Brodie was so excited to take it to Jed.

I am sensitive. Super sensitive. I can cry at almost anything. So when we walked into Jed's hospital room I had to hold back the tears. Little Jed who is full of life was sitting still and it broke my heart. We visited for awhile and then we left.

My two little wild boys laughed and wrestled and joked for a few minutes. Then I hear the sweetest little boy conversation:
Judah: Brodie hold my hand.
Brodie: why?
Judah: I want to pray for Jed.
Brodie gives him his hand.
Judah & Brodie both close their eyes and bow their heads and they began to pray out loud in unison. They said their own prayer said amen and went right back to laughing and joking.

I looked at Cheyanne and I busted out crying. It was a good cry. That small prayer brought so much peace in my little white car. 

Those two little boys. They didn't care who was listening. They didn't care about what the other thought. As I looked in my rear view mirror, I was encouraged by two four year olds. To be more like Him. I think as wild as these two boys are, they are being trained up right. 

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