Friday, April 27, 2012

More Updates from when I was gone...ALMOST DONE! After we left the hospital: Oh Wait-another cute video of family waiting for the arrival of Brodie my brother David made: Have I mentioned that my family is extremely talented.:) My sister has done birth pics, 3 day old pics, & Easter pics....when she's not busy editing all of her paid clients-we will have our pics! hehe. Those are coming soon!

Just a few memories since I've been gone...
October 2011-Brodie was Born!
November 2011- We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family!

December 2011-We celebrated our first Christmas

January 2012-Brodie had his first cold so we stayed in New Years Eve. Our family came and brought in the New Year at our place.
March 2012-Well, we SOLD our NEW house! As bummed as we were, we knew we needed to move back closer to home. We put it on the market and we left it in Gods hands. Within days, we had a great buyer and had it sold. We bought another home back in my hometown! It wasn't ready for a move in until May 1st so we moved back in with my parents. Luckily, they had an extra room baby sister got married March 24th! She had a beautiful wedding at the Woodlawn Plantation. It is a beautiful historic home surround by gardens. It rained all day up until the wedding and it dried off to make it absolutely gorgeous. The bride was breath-taking & the groom was so handsome. It was a perfect day and we gladly welcomed Jareb into the family. (Pictures to come soon).
April-My cousin Stephanie got married April 21st. I was a bridesmaid and was honored to be apart of her big day. The ceremony was held at her in-laws place. They built a huge barn just for the occasion. It was beautiful. Pics to come!

I forgot to mention in the update that Phillip and I became the Children's Pastor at IWC. He has stepped up so much since we jumped in with me being at the end of my pregnancy and then having Brodie. Brodie and I usually attend the 2nd service, but Phillip is there bright and early for both services. We love what we do & we know that we are right where God wants us to be. We love our children at IWC. That being said, we are off to meet a successful Children's Pastor in Gainsville, Florida. We are going with few church members & my mom is coming with us to watch Brodie while were in meetings. We are looking forward to gaining some wisdom this weekend. Be Blessed!

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