Sunday, August 19, 2012

My "Bo-Beze" is 9 months old {Well, almost 10 now}

  • Nicknames: Bo Beze, Tooter, Dinky, & Monkey. 
  • You tell everyone "hey" & throw up four fingers every time you say it.  You speak to everyone you see.  If the person doesn't talk to you, you keep staring & saying hey until they do.
  • You are pulling up on everything, crawling everywhere, & climbing. I think you will start walking really soon. You love to walk from our couch to our end tables & push our barstools across the kitchen.
  • You love chicken pot pies, sweet peas, peach flavored yogurt melts & puffs "yum yums", macaroni & cheese, fruits & vegetables, fruit loops with marshmallows & anything you can get in your mouth. 
  • We sing the yum yum song when it's time to eat & you bounce.
  • You still drink about 32 oz of formula every day.
  • You love to go outside.
  • You can say hey, bye, mama, dada, ball, gamma, dayday, mine, & no.
  • You shake your head no when you do something you're not supposed to do.
  • You point to things you want or like.
  • You LOVE Dora. {Our Dog}
  • You sleep in bed with Mama & Daddy
  • You go to sleep at 10ish and wake up at 8 am.
  • You still love the Road Song & anything Spongebob.
  • We took our first family vacation to Tennessee Mountains.
  • You sway to music. Your Daddy taught you this in his truck listening to Hillsong Kids.
  • You wear size 18-24 month clothes & size 4 shoes.
  • Your hair is so long & you desperately need a haircut.
  • You love riding on your 4-wheeler and your train.
  • You love to work on things & take things apart. Anything with wheels gets your attention. When you see them, you make the "Vroom Vroom" sound. {this includes wheel chairs}
  • You think that you have to drive every time we get in the car.
  • You now HATE your car seat. {because of the reason above}
  • You have 2 new kittens: Kylie & Kendall
  • You finally stopped biting {6 teeth}
  • I love when I'm holding you & you lean back and stare at me.
  • You kiss only a certain few. You open your mouth wide and say mmmmmmmmmmuuuuuahhhhh. You will kiss me, Gamma, Aunt Amanda, & Cheyanne. You won't kiss Daddy & it breaks his heart. You grab my hand & kiss it all the time.
  • You LOVE the nursery at church. Mama finally started letting you go in there to play.
  • You love music.
  • You fall asleep every night listening to Kari Jobe.
  • You love pictures & books.
  • You love your Daddy-your face lights up every time you see him.
  • You think you can get your way when Gamma is around.
  • You smirk & us Thaxton's are pretty sure you already have your "knower."
  • You make a grunting noise when you don't get your way or you don't like something.
  • You are so ticklish.
  • You are my whole world, Brodie Beasley.

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