Friday, September 6, 2013


Today's my birthday!!! Whoo hoo.  

It snuck up on me. This year flew by.

27 was a tough year but it was good too. Lots of happy memories but some really bad ones.

I lost almost everything but gained so much more.

I've figured out true humility and leaving my pride behind.

God kept taking me to this scripture this year:

My treasures are not in wealth but they are in the smile of my little boy, a husband who is behind me always, a god daughter who adores me, brothers & a sister that know I love them, parents who know just what to say/do to comfort me, in laws that love me like their own, health, joy, peace, and a true relationship with my Savior.

This year molded me. I survived the storm and came out stronger than ever. 

I'm leaving 27 and looking ahead at 28. This year is going to be my year.

We are leaving Pelicans Point and headed home. Dinner was so good. Brodie loves the water.

Cheyanne was with us too. It was a nice, quiet, and relaxing dinner with my family. 

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