Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My main man is 2

Dear Brodie,

This Thursday you will be two years old. This year has flown by.  You've grown up so much. If I could make one wish it would be that you would stay this age forever...but I know that's selfish and God has so much planned for you.  You are sitting next to me now on Granny's couch browsing Youtube. You love "Mama's Tone." People are amazed at how you can navigate your way through apps.  Vine & Youtube are your favorites and you are killing Daddy's wallet by using up so much data.  Your favorite thing to do is play with monster trucks.  I think you have 100 of them.  You are so smart.  You can count to ten, recognize letters/numbers, say anything, and can take me to Gamma's house and Cheyanne's school. You love to talk about where Gamma, Daddy, Granny, Grandpa, Granddaddy, and Cheyanne are at each day. You say "huh" all the time. I love to hear you say yes, I love you, and good night. When I ask you where Jesus lives you put your hand on your chest and say "my heart." You've shown me a love that I never knew. It's the closest thing that I can imagine to God's love for us.  You are my absolute joy and God knew what he was doing when he placed you in our lives.  Our lives revolve around you.  Our goal is to make sure you have everything you need, deserve, and more.  Thank you for making me so happy. I hope I can be everything to you as your are to me.

Some of my favorite memories from this year:

-Thanksgiving 2012: We spent Thanksgiving at Gamma's house and then made our way to Granny's. We always want you to know that we cherish our families. We are so blessed with them.

-Christmas 2012: It was the first Christmas that you were aware of what was going on.  I took you to see Santa (Aka "ho ho") probably 100x at the Oglothorpe mall. We would see Santa and then go ride the train.  You would stand at a distance, stare at him, and wave. He started to recognize you and would wave back. When we had your picture made he let you cut in line and spent a lot of time with you. I think you were his biggest fan.  You loved the Christmas tree. You tried opening up your presents once, but when we ignored you (on purpose) you left them alone.  We rode and looked at Christmas lights and you were amazed. We spent a lot of time at Gamma's house because she loves Christmas just as much as I do. She had these singing Chipmunks that sang and danced and you loved them.  She taught you to "press her button" and she would sing you Christmas carols. You would press your little finger against her cheek and she would sing. When you were ready for a new song, you would press her cheek again. Gamma would buy you a Santa everytime she went somewhere.  You had so many by the time Christmas was over with. I look forward to bringing them out every year for you.

New Years Eve: We had a New Years Eve party at the house. The youth from Grace Culture came and we welcomed in the New Year. You stayed up with us to give me a kiss!

Valentines Day 2012: We spent the day together and then Daddy took us out to eat at Shell House. Yall sent Mama beautiful roses & Cheyanne too.  We met Gamma & Gandaddy for dinner.

Winter 2013: We had a warm winter so we spent a lot of time outside. Kayla and Kaleb came over and you loved to play with them. We stayed on the go whether it was being outside, going to the park, riding the 4wheeler, going to Gammas or Granny's, shopping, road trips to see David & Megan, and plenty of restaurants.  You loved to wear hats but hated socks and shoes. Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Spring/Summer 2013: We were so excited to see the sunshine!! We spent a lot of time outside and at the beach.

Easter 2013: We had a Egg Hunt at our house for the Grace Culture kids.  We had bouncy houses, games, food, egg hunt, egg dying, and the Easter Bunny. You had so much fun with all the kids there. We also had Easter with our families. You got 3 Easter baskets. One from us, one from Gamma & Gandaddy, & one from Granny & Gpa.

May 2013: What a busy, busy month!! We celebrated Daddy's 29th birthday. We celebrated Mothers Day. In June, we moved out of our house and moved in with Granny & Gpa Beasley. We spent the rest of the Summer riding vrooms vrooms, fishing, being outside, and enjoying the sunshine.

You love: Monster Trucks, Big Green Tractors, Music, Drums, Guitar, Iphone, Ipad, Curious George, Thomas the train, Dinosaur Train, the 4wheeler, Mud racing videos, and of course your mama. ;)
You do not meet a stranger and say hey to everyone. You are starting to act really shy in big crowds. You will act like you are chewing on something when you are shy.  You have fallen in love with your cousin Chelsea. You ask to go to "Nancy's house" everyday and you think she is always at Sams. You ask to go to Gamma's house too. When Grandpa gets home from work, you demand him to sit on the fireplace and play with you.  Every night you have "Granny time" where you put all your trucks in her lap and sit with her in her green recliner and show her your favorite videos. You love to go to Gammas house. She will sit with you and play for hours.  I stay at home with you everyday. We pick up Cheyanne everyday from school and we ride with the windows down and music blasting.  You give me "big kisses" when you feel like it and have to have my hair to fall asleep. You sleep right in between me and Daddy and that's a demand by you. I've only left you with Gamma or Granny a handful of times.  You are already wearing a size 3t and size 7 shoe.  You get your way all the time especially when you say "pweeease mama." You are not yet potty trained but we are working on it.  When I dress you, you say "too tight, too tight" because you hate clothes. You still will not keep shoes and socks on no matter what I do. Dora is your best friend and you love to pick at Sadie. Aunt Mamma moved to Charlotte and we have been to visit her twice. You love seeing her. Dayday, Megz, and Dustin are in Atlanta. We watch them on their vlog daily.  When I work you go to the flower shop with "G." You love Heather and Carmen.  I think you keep them busy while you are there. You love the park and that's where we will be celebrating your 2nd birthday.  Our life is good because you are in it. You are our everything. Happy Birthday sweet boy. You will always be my little "toot toot."
Love, Mama.

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