Thursday, May 1, 2014

12 weeks

I'm 12 weeks with Beasley baby #2! Whoo hoo! Last week in 1st trimester!! I'm praying as soon as the 2nd trimester hits then all the sickness will go and I'll steal my energy back!! Yea...not getting my hopes up! I felt the same way Brodie and it last up to 28 weeks! I guess there must be another little boy in there! I've lost 6 pounds. I am hoping I don't blow up like I did with Brodie! It was rough! This pregnancy has been a bit scarier than last. I've had some spotting and lots of cramps. It has went away but it was the worst feeling, ever. I still can't believe #2 is on the way! I can't even imagine what life is going to be like.

Brodie B. keeps me busy enough to help this pregnancy fly by. He's my sidekick and I love spending my days with him, even if it's while I work. Brodie is demanding the baby is a boy and he refers to him by his "name." He is talking up a storm and he talks so fast, like me. It's no wonder I'm his translator. We toon our first beach trip of the summer and he had a blast. We love the beach. 

Life is good these days. I can finally see light at the end of our long dark tunnel. God is faithful. 

This is my view. This little boy was up until 3 am this morning.

This past Sunday. Brodie & Daddy day.

Like father like son.

Pool day with Gamma this past Saturday while I worked. Can't you tell he's is heaven?

My mom would kill me but I love this picture. Gamma just got moved into her new house so we spent night with her this past Friday.

Kayla, Kaleb, & Cheyanne went with us!

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