Thursday, May 1, 2014

Perfect days.

Today was an "ice day." Everything shuts down because noone wants to be responsible for accidents! Fortunatey, Cheyanne was out of school and Phillip was off of work. I had to work so Chey went to work with me and Brodie stayed home with his daddy. This made him the happiest little boy which brightened my day. There is just something so comforting knowing Brodie is content. He is content at daycare "aka school," but nothing is better than being at home with daddy. Cheyanne and I got to work late because we made a Mcdonald stop. We met Phillip and Brodie for lunch at Longhorn and then went back to work. Phillip and Brodie went to visit Aunt Nancy and Uncle Trey. This is one of Brodie's favorite places to go because he loves his aunt nanny. He had a blast! Cheyanne and I made a quick trip to Publix and then came and home and cooked. We made dorito casserole and Rainbox Lucky Chex mix for dessert. After dinner, Phillip went hunting and Brodie went to sleep. Cheyanne and I cuddled up on the couch and caught up on our shows. I'm now cuddled in bed with Brodie watching "Santa Paws." I'll take days like these all the time! I'm thankful for all my little blessings. 
I forgot to mention I got a beautiful set of dozen roses delivered to me today :)

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