Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall Fun

Trunk or Treats & Fall Festivals.

Our weekend was full of running, laughing, bouncing, swinging, petting, eating, playing, name it. 

I have read numerous Facebook debates over the past couple of days about Halloween. Peoples opinions, thoughts, convictions, etc. 

I began thinking about why I choose to participate in events such as trunk or treats, pumpkin patches, fall festivals, etc.

1. Brodie B was born on Halloween and he thinks it's the coolest thing that he can dress up and get candy.

2. Brodie B. LOVES to dress up. And he loves to see the other kids dressed up too. I did not see one gory or scary costume this weekend. 

3. Brodie B. LOVES candy. 

4. We all love festivals and events. 

Brodie has NO IDEA where Halloween originates from. He has no idea about anything demonic. He only knows that he's having fun. We step out in a cruel world everywhere we go. As simply as having Verizon cell service supports planned parenthood. Should I boycott everything as a Christian? Every supporter of sin, Disney, Christmas, Easter, Halloween? I just don't think I have to. I'm so thankful for churches and schools that promote a positive approach to Halloween. They have turned something evil into something good for children like mine to enjoy. How awesome. I love life. I really do. I do everything all the way and all out, but that's just me. I get everyone's debate and see all sides. But I don't think anyone should make anyone else feel guilty for having fun. So if you participate or not, it's your choice. Just please don't TRY to make the ones who do feel like they are doing something wrong.

With love,

The Beasley crew.

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