Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Marriage 15"

I'm sure you have heard the term "Freshman 15," well my husband and I have gained the "Marriage 15."

We are an extremely busy couple. ~>therefore we eat out every meal!

So, we have decided to eat healthier and start working out. We ran 1 mile last night around our neighborhood and I was struggling, which breaks my heart because I use to run 3-5 miles every morning with no problem. Phillip was definitely the leader here...he pushed me and we made it in 13 minutes!

This morning he was up at 4:50 am getting ready to meet a friend at the gym, I was too tired so I didn't go. He was back home at 7 am and had breakfast on the table at 7:30<~I can get use to this!

Here our journey begins-15 lbs to go!


  1. Girl, I put on the marriage 30! haha! We are trying to get more active as well! :)

  2. LOL-Well, it is easy to do!! But I've got to get ready for bikini weather! We've been trying to get to the gym but its so hard with our schedules-we've been doing late night runs around our neighborhood and we love it!


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