Monday, February 21, 2011

Shopping, Justin Beiber, & Painting Weekend

What a relaxing weekend, other than knowing my mom is 6 hours away skiing with no cell service! We decided to take Friday off to work on our house! Honestly, I got engaged October 2009, bought my first house November 2009, so my #1 priority was my wedding! Now, after a year and a few months, I am just getting in the mood of decorating! So, with my new motivation, I took pictures of everything in my house and put it on Craigslist! Within a day, everything was sold! My first step was to find a couch that I loved! Phillip & I spent all day shopping for "the one." I finally found my black leather sectional at Ashley's Furniture! We then went to TJ Maxx & I found 2 black damask chairs that were to die for! I will post pics later! Since, we just dropped a huge chunk of chain on the sectional, I almost left them behind. But, I guess because of the fact of me just sitting in the chair with a pouty face, my wonderful husband looks at me and says "just get them. :) To cut the story short, I ended up going home with a brand new sectional, 2 chairs, 2 new barstools, 2 end tables, 2 decorative pillows, a shaggy black rug, 4 pictures, 2 frames, a lamp, & a few other things for the house! Since my husband spoiled me that day, I suggested that he take the rest of the evening and go hunting! I called up Cheyanne, my goddaugher and asked her to come stay with me! She is 10 years old & she is my mini-me! We went to Zaxbys for dinner and then to the movies to see Never Say Never, the Justin Beiber movie. All I can say is, I have "Beiber Fever." She ended up staying the night with me because Phillip was out late coon hunting! Saturday, Phillip & I decided to go the Flea Market to look at antiques...big mistake. We ended up back at home painting our rocking chairs for our front porch. Saturday night we ate at Cracker Barrel(the place we met). Sunday, we were bad and skipped church! I spent the day cleaning and organizing & he went to his parents to work on his mud racing truck. We definitely had us a productive weekend! :)

Happily Ever After,

Ashley Marie

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