Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I love special times/moments/holidays. They don't have to be complex or fancy. For me, the simple moments are what makes me the happiest. I spent the weekend with my mama and it honestly felt like a much needed vacation. She had Monday off of work so Brodie and I didn't take it for granted. After church we went home and started decorating her house for Christmas. That night we cuddled up in bed and watched Santa Clause 2. There was something so comforting sleeping by my mama. I truly love that woman with all that's in me. She's my rock and always encourages me. She's not afraid to tell me the truth and I know it's always out of love. 

We had a special moment that Ill always remember. Mama and I were trying to plug in her DVD in her room. Brodie was trying so hard to get our attention. We finally looked at him and he's smiling from ear to ear.  He points at a picture of my Grandma Holcombe and said "that's meme right there." He told us she was happy and was in Gamma's room. Funny thing is that I've never shown her to him or even mentioned her. It built my faith even more.

Monday we met Phillip for lunch because he was missing his Brodie B. Afterwards,  we went back to mama'a and played, decorated, and relaxed.

I'm so thankful for days like that. Surrounded by the ones I love and cherishing them. I've learned early that life is short and precious. 

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