Monday, February 10, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas was magical this year. We made so many good memories as a family that ill forever cherish. Charles, the elf became part of our Christmas traditions(thanks to Gamma) & Brodie fell in love with Christmas everything. He can now sing all the main Christmas songs and tell you all about the main characters. As much as he loves Santa, he would not sit in his lap so we didn't force a picture. From riding around to looking at lights to visiting Gamma's decked out house we made Christmas special this year. My favorite memory is asking Brodie "What does Santa say?" He would reply. "Ho, Ho, Ho Mewwy Tismas!"

Brodie was sick on Christmas, but he still managed to keep good spirits

Christmas Eve: we spent it with Phillips side of the family. Everyone came over to Granny & Pa's to eat and exchange presents. Brodie got a scooter from Granny & Grandpa, a jeep with from Heather & Aunt Patricia, an electronic dinosaur, planes soap containers that float in the bathtub, & pjs from Aunt Karen. He had a blast with his cousins.

Christmas morning, we woke up at about 9:30 am. Brodie ran into the living room and he picked up the batman toy! Santa brought him:
-John Deere tractor
-Georgia boots
-Chuggington Wooden train set with several magnet trains.
-Batman house
-Spiderman mask
-Playdough Trash truck
-tons of trucks, got wheels
-Monkey bookbag for school
-swing set (granny & pa)

After opening presents we went to Gamma's house. She cooked wings, French fries and dessert. We opened presents and Brodie got:
-Swing Set
-Monster Truck power wheels (pAinted by Gamma)
-John Deere tractor toy.

More than anything, I felt extremely blessed this year. Brodie was blessed and that's all that mattters. 

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