Monday, April 7, 2014

Hey baby #2!

We are having a baby!!! 


We found out 03/09/14.

I was about to begin a new diet and I was a few days late! Phillip and I have not been on any form of birth control since Brodie was born so I didn't think I was pregnant. Honestly, I'd almost given up hope and thought I was meant to have one. But, I wanted peace of mind so I bought a test Monday morning before I went to the Keller Williams office in Pooler. I had my diet pills ready to go as soon as the test said negative. To my suprise, 2 bright lines showed up quicker than I could process. I was shocked. Excited, yes. BUT More shocked. I came out of the bathroom pale and unable to think. The office manager, Lori asked me if I was okay. I walked to my car and double checked the box. Yep. 2 lines=pregnant. So, I stood there and stared into nothing for what seemed like an hour and then began to cry and thank God. His timing is perfect. I thought about all these cute, creative ideas to tell Phillip but I couldn't wait. Instead I called him and asked him if he was sitting down. He said no. So, I told him anyways. He said "are you kidding?" He was in shock too. We hung up and he called me a few minutes later to share his excitement. I left my office and headed to my moms. Luckily, she was in spring break. I called Amanda. She sat straight up in bed as soon as I told her. Shocked too. My mom jumped, screamed, laughed, cried, chanted a hallelujah song, and danced around her yard. It was the perfect reaction. We spent the rest of the day sharing with our family and close friends. It was a good day.

March 27th: (3 years to the exact of my 1st baby appt with Brodie)
Brodie, Phillip, and I went to the doctor. Brodie was able to see the baby...after he asked the tech if he could watch Batman.  The heartbeat was 153 bmp (Brodie's was 152) and everything looked great. I was 6 weeks/6 days! & suprise, suprise due on 11/12/14 (Brodie's original due date.)

Telling Brodie: When we finally got by ourselves with our main man, Phillip asked Brodie "Guess whats in mamas stomach?" Brodie replied "Mcdonalds?" We laughed so hard and then explained to him about the baby. He said "it's a boy baby."

This pregnancy is similar to Brodie's so far. I'm sleepy all the time and nauseated all the time. This time, I'm not as sick though. I can actually refrain from throwing up all the time. Could a girl be in the cards for us!?

My talented sister took our announcement photo. It was absolutely perfect and it was so fun sharing with the world.

Thank you Father for your blessings. I am so grateful.

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