Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dear Brodie

Dear Brodie B.,

You are 2 years old. 32 months old to be exact. You are going to be 3 soon. I can't believe you will be 3. You are my absolute joy in this world. You are my all day every day & I wouldn't change it for the world. If I happen to leave you....with Gamma or G.....I miss you immediately. I recently read a quote that stated something along the lines that....the most important days of a persons life is the day they are born and the day they realize why. You are my reason why. I was born to be your mama. I know that with all that I am. You have completed my life and I'm so thankful for you.  You are so smart. I am always amazed by what comes out of your mouth and how quickly you catch on.  You talk just like me, fast and with a lot of emotion. You make me realize what I say quite often and maybe what I shouldn't say. You look just like your daddy (Thank God) & you act just like him. You are ALMOST potty trained.  You love to pee pee in your elmo potty, flush it, and then toss it in the big potty and flush that. Your favorite question these days is "What are you doing??" You ask me every 5 minutes, and I answer you every 5 minutes. Superheros are now your favorite. I think you own every one that Walmart carries. Speaking of "Yallmart," it is your favorite place to go. You will happily announce, "I so happy" when we walk through the doors.  You can count, recognize some numbers, and talk your way out of most anything. You are the center of everything which makes you a total attention hog. If you can make someone laugh, you are a happy boy.  You are going to be a big brother!! You have been to everyone of my appointments and even claimed that "Paisley waved at me" at my last appointment. You have felt her kick and we talk to her every night.  My heart was so happy when I found out I was going to have another baby, but heartbreak immediately followed because I didn't want to share my love with anyone but you. Its funny how I thought that, because I know now that I'm giving you the best gift anyone could give someone, a sibling. I know you will be her protector and if you're anything like your daddy...you will love her more than yourself. You weigh 39 pounds and you are wearing a size 4t! You are what daddy calls a "ham" & I love that about you.  You still sleep right underneath me every night and I love it. You work with me when I work and we spend our days finding excitement in everything we do. You love your pets: Sadie, Dora, & Batman, your grandparents, Cheyanne, the beach, the movies, & your cousins Kayla & Kaleb. You still love to play on my iphone and your favorite game is Subway Surfers. You randomly tell me I'm pretty and that you love me and it melts my heart. I love you, toot toot.



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