Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Real Life Updates

I've been reflecting on the past few months over the past few days. A lot has happened and a lot has happened so quickly. I've not posted about any of these events so I wanted to take the time to document these major events.

1. Paisley Monroe. You can read about us finding out here: Hey Baby #2
I knew as soon as we find out that my luck would give me another boy. I LOVE my little boy, but I WANTED a girl. A boy and a girl and were done. If it was a boy....do I try again for a girl?? I  just knew....
Well, on May 23rd we found it we were having a little GIRL!! Me, Phillip, Brodie, Cheyanne, Amanda, Jareb, Mrs. Tina, & my mom (Dustin, David, & Meg on Facetime) went to Cherished 3d in Savannah. She had her legs crossed for the first 15 minutes and after drinking some juice and changing positions several times she decided to open up her little legs. Everyone was so happy. Brodie was a bit disappointed but he quickly accepted a little sister.

Funny Story: During the ultrasound, everyone was shouting out their guess. Well, my 2 year old son yells "I see balls!!" Luckily, I knew the technician and she found it hilarious. I wanted to roll under the bed. HEHE.

2. WE MOVED. Ahhh. After living with my in-laws for ONE year, it was my biggest goal for my family.  The year with my in laws is what I needed. It was the best/hardest decision we ever made. I knew it would help us, but failure hurt my pride and it was hard to accept that WE were relying on  someone else.  We were able to get ourselves together after the worst year of our life (financially) and just live stress free for awhile.  My mother in law was my angel. Words can't even describe what she did for me, personally in that year. She saved me from ever feeling like my world was falling apart. She was there for me/us in ways that I can't even wrap my mind around. I can never thank her enough for what she did for me and continues to do. Thank you, Mrs. Tina. If you ever stumble upon this blog, I wanted to recognize you for having one of the biggest hearts I've ever known. And Mr. Ricky- one of the greatest man I've ever known. He made me feel like his home was mine and treated me with such kindness. I will never forget the support from him...he's truly an example of the perfect father.  We had such a fun time living there and it will be a time I will always cherish. But, I am so blessed to have a new home! Thank you to the McNamee's for making it possible and allowing us to move into one of their homes.  Brodie calls it his "new house" and is thrilled to have a room upstairs. He's mastered the art of the stairs and I no longer panic when I hear his little feet walking up or down the stairs.  I LOVE coming home and could just hang out here for days and be happy.  My goal is to make this house as "homey" as possible and create the best childhood memories for my kids. God is in control and I sometimes wonder why things happen, but I've decided to trust Him and its been nothing but a good thing this far.

3. My Aunt Glenda passed away. My aunt Glenda had battled cancer for a little over a year. She had breast cancer. We thought that after she finished all of her treatments, she was going to be a survivor. But, the cancer came back and it came back in her lungs. It was only weeks later, that we found ourselves saying our goodbyes. Her life story is quite rare and she was an amazing woman. She was a true example of a woman of God and I learned so much from her in the few short years I really got to know her. In the midst of one of the hardest times in her life, I was able to be there for her by helping her with her young children Kayla and Kaleb. I am thankful I was able to get to know her. She will forever be remembered and I miss her terribly.

I am still in school and still doing property inspections. Phillip is working for a good company and our lives are finally getting back on track. God has been our rock through the tough times.  Our families have been our support. My in laws, my mom, and my sister kept me going. I can't thank them enough. I hope I can be that for them when they need me.

I want to be able to come back to this blog one day and smile knowing that God had his hand on us, but I also want any reader to know that its okay to mess up as long as you know that you have to get up and move on. To know that life can go in a direction that you can never imagine it going, but you have to fight and hold. God is real. He is a good God who loves us. He was there for me and he can be there for you. My faith was my insanity. God only knows where I would be without it. I can only be open with my life to in hopes that it can bring hope to someone else.

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