Thursday, July 24, 2014

Story time.

My little boy. I need to keep this blog for the things he says.

My brand new washing machine stopped working after 3 days. People came out and looked at it and ordered a part. We waited. 8 days later they came to fix it. Nothing. Still doesn't work. Phillip was so aggravated when he came home from work that the washer was still broken. 
Same night...Brodie was up with leg cramps. He was halfway asleep on his stomache and was whining, I started rubbing his back and praying for his legs. Our prayer for anything hurting is "Jesus, make it better. So, I finish and he lifts his head with his eyes shut and says "AND the washing machine. Amen." 

Today, in the sweetest voice he asks me what Paisley was doing. I told him to ask her. So he puts his head on my stomache and says "Hey Paisley, what are you doing?" He sits there a minute then asks me if he could sing her a song. I said "Paisley would love that." I just knew he was going to sing one of his sweet songs like "You are my sunshine," BUT he puts his head back down & sings in the sweetest voice.... "I've got that real good feel good stuff up under the seat of my big black jacked up truck, rolling on 35s, pretty girl by my side, she's got that sun tan skirt and boots..." He chose "that's my kind of night" by Luke Bryan. Lovely. 

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