Friday, January 15, 2016

Just a RANT

I LOVE Facebook. I love sharing pictures of my family. I love knowing I can look back on it and remember specials moments. I love seeing friends and their families. I love staying connected to people I would never see if it wasn't for social media!!

BUT, some things just drive me mad.

Here I go.

1. If I see anymore lottery winner shares I'm going to lose it. Seriously people, do you think that's real?? How many people won again?? 

2. 1 word. GOFUNDME. This can be a WONDERFUL thing. I've given to many that truly used it for the right reasons. But, seriously. I've about seen it all! When did asking people to pay for your expenses become so easy?? 

3. Breast is best. Vaccinates kill. Vaccines protect. Everything causes cancer. Just stop it, please. I love supportive posts/articles but your opinion is not the gospel. Share to educate not debate. It looks so much better on you, I promise.

4. Hidden agendas. "I can't believe that just happened..." Ahhh, what just happened? Find attention somewhere else.
5. Vocabulary lessons. I shouldn't have to give my teenager a vocabulary lesson because of your inappropriate post. Geez, keep it classy. 

& that's about it for now. 

Haha. Goodnight. :)

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