Monday, January 4, 2016

Little hands

I was rocking Brodie the other day. We were cuddled under a blanket and he was watching Batman...I was watching him. I was studying his little features and how much they've changed in the past few months. Then, I noticed his hands.

This isn't anything new. You can find these little Imaginext Batman toys all over my house. They are in his room, in my room, in the living room, in the bathtub, under his pillow, in our vehicles, in my bag...everywhere. He takes one everywhere we go. We have 20+ and I'm sure we've lost about the same number. 

But it hit me hard. I guess reality hit me hard. One day he won't carry a little Batman toy in his hand. He won't care to sit in my lap and watch movies. The reality is inevitable. The thought is usually pushed to the side. It's just too sad to think about! 

It made me realize my one resolution for the year. To allow my children to be children. To encourage play and pretend and to be a part of it is as much as possible. Limiting the iPads and tv shows and getting outside and exploring...Batman can come. To cherish every childhood moment possible because it goes by so fast. I want to enjoy the little hands God blessed me with me for as long as they are in mine.

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