Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter-He is Risen.

Easter 2016

Go big or go home, right? Haha. That is a motto that me, my mom, & my sister accidentally live by. We try to "do it simple" but it just doesn't fit us.  I feel like Easter this year for us has been just that though, simple yet big. We've had too much fun and got in all of our yearly traditions and added a few too.

Phillip and I helped plan a Easter Egg Hunt at IWC.  The rain threw us a few last minute changes and set backs but it turned out pretty good. I let the perfectionist in me remain calm and did the best we could with what we had. The Easter bunny showed up, we had a nice inflatable slide, face painting, free food, and a ton of eggs to hunt. I looked around and saw all the kids having fun and that's what mattered the most. 

Brodie had his school party. We went and helped him hunt his eggs. The bunny was there, too.

Speaking of the bunny, Paisley is not a fan. She puts her pointer out and says "NO NO!"

We went to the mall and rode the train and saw the bunny with good friends.

We went to other egg hunts, we dyed eggs, but most importantly we talked about our resurrected King. 

Easter morning, my babies were excited to see that the bunny had hopped to our house. I collect over time and so does my mother in law so when we pulled everything out, we just laughed. It looked more like Santa stopped by...but oh well!

We went to the City Church to hear my brother preach and to be with our family. It was much needed and it felt so nice to sit back and "enjoy the show" as Brodie told me I needed to do. 

After service, we had lunch and hunted eggs with friends and family. 

We ended Easter having a dance party in the living room and passing out from exhaustion of all our Easter festivities. 

Life is so much fun with my little crew.

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