Tuesday, March 1, 2011


What an AWFUL day! I thought my day would pick up after my first post this morning, but it just got worse & worse!

1st & least I found out my couch will not be here until Thursday-I was bummed but then...

I found out my sister & fiances English Bulldog, Gracie drowned in their pool. My heart just aches-Phillip and I got the chance to dog sit her a few weeks ago and she is the best dog. As a puppy, she survived parvo-it seems so sad that she had to go this way. We will miss "Gracie Lou Freebush" (my name for her)

THEN...someone calls us and let us know that the ambulance was at one of our houses. We tell the person to keep us informed. A few minutes later we found out that our tenant had a heart attack and passed away. She was a wife & a mother to two daughters. Please keep this family in your prayers.


  1. wow girl! I'm so sorry to hear all this! I hope tomorrow brings better news and happy feelings

  2. Thank you! Tomorrow will be better-bad days are rare around here! We are truly blessed.


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