Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hello 8 Weeks


How Many Weeks?
I am 8 weeks today.

With my luck, I would get every symptom possible! I am EXTREMELY tired. I would be happy to sleep all day! I have mild cramps and really sore breasts. My morning sickness is all day/everyday. My "Up & Go" has left & I have no motivation for anything. I have no appetite and I have to force myself to eat.

Weight Gain?
I gained 5 lbs around 6 weeks, but now I have lost 6 due to the lack of appetite and nausea.

What I enjoy?
Right now I am enjoying just the new feeling of being pregnant. I can't think about anything else. Regardless of all the symptoms, I am so thankful to be here. I will gladly be sick and tired to have a healthy baby.

What I miss?
I miss my energy. I am an extremely motivated person(I have to be: I'm in sales) & here lately I have to force myself to do anything. I miss caffeine(esp. coffee & diet dr.pepper) I miss eating and actually craving something. But despite all the things I'm missing, I am happy to be gaining something much more special.

My first appointment was March 25th. It was amazing to FINALLY hear the heartbeat. The heartbeat was 152 bmp. I really liked my doctor and I was excited about my choice to use him. (His name is Michael Jackson- hehe) All of my tests came back normal and I was happy to have that first ultrasound out of the way ;) My next appointment is April 27th-We can hardly wait.
And I must add here that my husband just continues to show me how wonderful he is. I love laying in bed at night & feel his hand reach over and hold my stomach. I know at that moment he is praying for me and the baby. I can't describe what it means to have a praying husband.

I plan to document my entire pregnancy. I think it will be something I will cherish in the future. Thanks for sharing this life changing experience with us!


  1. So exciting! I hope you feel better soon! :)

  2. So exciting! Feel better!

    I'm hosting a linkup tomorrow for Fashion Fridays. The new button is on my sidebar. I hope you'll join us and link up! Have a great day honey! Kori xoxo

  3. SO exciting!! I hope the sickness goes away soon!

  4. Exciting! Can't wait to follow and pray for you during your pregnancy! Ohh goodness, when I get preggersno coffee may be the death of me! LOL

  5. Hi Ashley! Thanks so much for following my blog!! Congrats on your pregnancy...I can totally relate to every symptom you are feeling. These precious little babies are definitely exhausting. :) I hope for you the nauseousness subsides in a few weeks! Keep enjoying this amazing experience!

  6. Michael Jackson is my OBGYN also. He is my sisters and I watched him deliver my niece, he was incredible. Good Choice. You will continue LOVE him!

    So excited for you & Phillip, Ashley! :)

  7. This is so cool! I am going to enjoy following your pregnancy with you! Blessings to you, Phillip and Baby Beasley!

  8. Just found your blog, super cute!! Congratulations on being pregnant :D you're too cute!


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