Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Catching Up....

How Many Weeks?
I am 10 weeks.

I am still very tired and extremely nauseated. I wish I had "Morning Sickness," mine is morning, noon, & night. Praying for an easier next couple of weeks

Weight Gain?
NONE! Whoo hoo! ;) I know this won't last long so I'm celebrating while I can. I do however feel like I've gained 10 lbs.

What I enjoy?
I enjoy a wonderful husband always looking out for me and conversations about the baby. I love to hear what everyone thinks we are having. Phillip thinks its a girl, I think its a boy, but most of my friends/family agree with Phillip. We will see May 28th!

What I miss?
I miss my energy, motivation, and my lack of appetite. I can't wait to be hungry and actually crave something!

Overall I am completely happy and blessed. My next appointment is next Wednesday!

Random "catch-up" on what I've been doing...

•Something I can't say just yet, but Phillip and I are ecstatic about this soon change in our lives! I will tell you in a few days!

• Easter Sunday is this week and I'm so excited because my Soul Steppers are performing with the older drama team.

•I have been sleeping & watching a lot more TV than normal! I am loving Dancing With the Stars, American Idol, & Real World right now! Who are your favorites?

•I finished reading "Water For Elephants & I'm sooooooo excited about the movie this Friday! It was a fairy tale ending-I won't say anything else!

• My mini vacation with Phillip, Jareb, & Amanda was just what I needed! I loved the Georgia Aquarium. I really think God showed off under the water.

• I've been extremely busy with work and appointments.

• My sister moved up her wedding date to March 24th of next year and I'm so excited to start planning for her big day!!

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  1. LOVE the baby updates Ashley! Keep them coming!

    Can't wait to hear the big news! Twins? [Kidding]


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