Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Friday!

I'm so excited it is FINALLY Friday! It has been a long week! I feel like all I accomplished was catching up on sleep(even though I'm still tired) & on my favorite shows.  It was a lazy week BUT I needed it.  I had my 2nd doctors appointment on Wednesday and it was amazing to hear the baby's heartbeat.  Unlike the rest of the world, I slept away as the Prince married his Princess.  I did read up on the wedding and I loved her dress.  She was beautiful.  I also love the traditions-I just love all things wedding.  

My plans for the weekend:
Tonight: We have NO plans which is music to my ears.  I'm sure we will end up going to dinner and watching a movie.  Speaking of movies, have you seen Water for Elephants?  If not, go see it asap! It was amazing! It had nothing on the book, but they did a great job on keeping it similar as possible.  

Saturday: I am going somewhere in the middle of the nowhere to watch my husband mud race. Yes, mud race.  I have to say (in the most non-judgemental way) I do not fit it in these types of environments.  The people are well.....interesting to say the least.  Oh well, my husband loves the racing part so I go to support.  Thankfully, my parents are going with me to cheer him on.

Sunday: Like always, we will go to church, go to lunch, and then go to my parents and spend the evening with them. 

I never put up my Soul Steppers latest performance. The performed Easter Sunday with the older girls.  I was so proud to watch them.  They truly have my heart. I can't wait to see my baby up there one day dancing for our Savior.

I started my 12th week of pregnancy this Thursday. I cannot believe I'm almost out of the 1st trimester! I'm praying for an easier next couple of weeks! I made my appointment today to find out what we're having!! We are going May 23rd. I cannot wait. I think it's a boy and Phillip thinks its a girl, 
What do you think??  


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  1. sounds like a relatively relaxing weekend =) Sorry to hear you are tired but YAY that the pregnancy is going well and the baby is healthy =)
    Enjoy you quiet evening together!


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