Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today, was our 2nd doctors appointment. I asked my mom to come along with us so she could experience hearing the heartbeat.  Checkup went great, mommy is completely healthy.  I LOST 1 pound since my last visit-which was a complete surprise because I feel like I've gained 10!   They didn't do an ultrasound, but we all got to hear the heartbeat.  I have to say that throughout my pregnancy, I haven't thought of miscarriage too much.  I've been so sick that I've worried more about that.  Last night, I read on Facebook about a couple who went to there 11 week appointment and they couldn't find a heartbeat and they were afraid she was losing the baby.  My heart fell and I couldn't get that off my mind.  Needless to say, it was a relief when I finally heard that "bump, bump, bump" going strong at 166 bpm.   After our appointment, we ate lunch at Spanky's. The day ended up being longer than I thought so I ended up getting home late and missing a day of work.  I have been meaning to start a picture diary so I'll be posting pictures soon!

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  1. How cool! There must be so many mixed emotions with pregnancy...excitement and worry! I'm glad you heard your bump! :)


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