Thursday, June 21, 2012


My favorite word as a Mama: NORMAL.

It's a RELIEF to hear the word NORMAL when testing is being done on your child. At my 36 week ultrasound, the tech said that Brodie had fluid on his right kidney.  She said that it was minor and normal, but it was a high normal.  I researched & found out that many people hear this especially with little boys. So, I didn't worry but it was on the back of my mind.  Phillip & I prayed daily for God to heal Brodie.  When Brodie was born I mentioned it to my nurse and she ordered an ultrasound. Again, there was fluid and it was a high normal.  At his 6 month checkup, his pediatrician recommended us having another ultrasound so we did. AGAIN, it was a high normal. My flesh wanted to cry out GOD WHERE ARE YOU? BUT my spirit knew that God was working it out.  The radiologist scheduled us with a specialist. So, we went AGAIN for another ultrasound & AGAIN it was a high normal. The specialist advised us to get a VCUG so he could make sure the bladder & kidney were functioning properly.

& that test was today. We went to Memorial Hospital.  My heart hurt for Brodie because I knew what the test required...a catheter. We were placed into a room with a few wonderful nurses.  One was blowing bubbles & the other making us feel very comfortable.  Brodie did his normal share of entertaining as well. We undressed Brodie and put him on a machine.  My husband {my strength} said "You may want to wait outside." & I did. As much as I wanted to be there for Brodie, I knew he would cry and reach for me. So me and my mom waited outside of the door. I heard nothing for awhile & then he let out a scream.  What they do is inject a blue dye into the catheter.  The radiologist watches as it feels up the bladder and goes to the kidneys & then he watches it release. We assumed he was crying because of the catheter. My heart sunk & I shed a few tears myself. God reminded me to pray. I prayed in the hall listening to my baby cry.  Within minutes, the radiologist was out of the room. He said that everything was NORMAL & that he didnt see any fluid on the kidney.  I rushed in the room & grabbed my sweet boy up. He was smiling ear to ear. Phillip said he only cried when they strapped him in-not because of the catheter.

God is still a healer.  The bible says he is the same God yesterday, today, & forever.  I am in awe of his goodness. I knew Brodie would be healed, but words can't describe the feeling when your faith is rewarded.  


 We went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch & visited the fish at Bass Pro.


Phillip is coon hunting & Brodie is sleeping-I think I'll catch up on my favorite blogs & read more about the Georgia Blate.

Tomorrow is a big day for someone very dear to my heart. 
Reading Psalms 37 & declaring it over his life.

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