Sunday, August 18, 2013

Brodie B.

The last time I blogged about Brodie was a few months ago. Reading back makes me sad because he has grown up SO much in these past few short months. It seems like each day adds something new. 

I wanted to put down some things that he does that I will always want to remember.

Wakes up now at about 9:30 am. He loves to sleep late. Gets it honest.

He goes to bed at about 11:00pm. He's a night owl. Again, gets that honest too.

Everything is about "monster trucks," "big trucks," & "tractors."

He is our big talker. He is talking, singing, counting, putting sentences together, & repeating EVERYTHING.
My favorite things he says: Ba-Nan-Na, I don't like it, Hush, I'm stuck, Big Fat Kiss...and on and on.

If you ask him, "Where do you want to go?" He says "Gammas house." When asked "Who do you love?" He says "Max!" He LOVES my mom. Sadly, he called her Ma until about a month ago and all of a sudden it was Gamma. We fell in love with Ma.

He's definitely got his Daddy's sense of direction. He can tell me how to get to my moms house and Cheyanne's school from home. He tells me by pointing his finger and yelling "That Way!"

He loves his Granny's cooking. When he sees her in the kitchen, he wants to "see NumNum." He thinks she is so funny.  He loves to go to her "fowa shop"<~flower shop. She keeps him for me there while I work.

G-pa is the coolest fella in the world. The fact that he crawls on the roof and fixes all kinds of Vroom Vrooms makes him Brodie's favorite person ever.  If you ask him "Where's Pa?" He say "On Roof"

When he sees my Dad, he throws up his hands & dances. He knows my dad is impatient and loves to test him.

We are trying to get this potty training down. He's doing okay....well I lied. He's not catching on....maybe I'm trying too soon.

Our afternoon consists of riding 4wheelers, fishing, go-carts, working on stuff, running around the yard...anything outside. After dinner, he gets the key and tells me. "Mama, I ride vroom vroom." & that we do. This is one of my favorite parts of the day with little man. No worries. No deadlines. Just me and him having fun and making memories.

Brodie saw his first movie this past Sunday. He's been as a baby and slept in the carrier but this was HIS first movie. We skipped church. We ate at a Japenese restaurant, went to the airport and watched planes take off and then went the movies and saw Planes in 3d. It went better than I thought.  Brodie doesn't watch much tv. He's too busy to sit still.  He picked out chocolate covered cookie dough bites and we got popcorn. He ate and ate and sat still through the first 30 minutes and then FELL ASLEEP!! I was so sad, but he woke up in time to catch the end and was happy about the movies.

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