Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nothing but Randomness...

Random Thoughts:

  • The flu+Brodie=an exhausted mommy who is desperate for some sleep and a healthy baby.
  • I haven't Christmas shopped. I know-What is my problem?? We've bought Brodie 2 gifts and I've bought my sisters. My only excuse is that my mom & I shop the weekend before Christmas EVERY year-its become our tradition.  
  • My house is overwhelming me. Will I ever get it cleaned?? I start on one end & finish and by the time I make it halfway through-the first half is a mess again. I really, really miss having it cleaned. Anyone want to come clean?? ;)
  • My mother-in-law made me beautiful lighted, Christmas wreaths for my front porch. The wreaths are laying on my dining room table.  :( I blame it on Phillip and the flu.
  • Brodie has not had a bottle since his birthday party & I sometimes miss it.
  • I'm ready for baby #2 but being patient with God's timing. When it's right for our family, it will happen.
  • I thank God multiple times a day for my husband. I can't begin to describe the kind of person he is. Even in his mistakes, he works himself ragged to make it right. He's had some of the worst luck this year with business, but I've watched him handle it with dignity. When most people would probably give up, he has pushed through and has stayed positive. He loves me & Brodie with his whole heart and makes that known in everything he does. He is my best friend. I couldn't imagine this life without him by my side. I know-very mushy but I'm just thankful. 
  • I've realized these past few months that ALL I need is God & my family. God has humbled me so much. I just want to serve and give. My wants are becoming less and less important. It's humbling & its been a big change for me. God is molding me and it's sometimes hard. My pride sometimes gets in the way, but I'm working on that too.
  • Brodie has figured out how to climb out of his crib.
  • I miss Kimberly. Today, I thought about her all day. I wondered to myself how I go day by day without her-& its moments like those when I realize just how wonderful God is. He has given me peace that passes all understanding & joy that gives me strength.  I can't wait to see her again one day, but for now I'm holding on tight to my memories and God's promise of eternity. 
  • I just finished watching the one & only show I watch right now: The challenge. I was so sad San Diego won. Ew. I wanted Las Vegas to win. 
  • I'm so excited that Sean is going to be the next Bachelor & its starts in a few weeks.
  • Speaking of the Bachelor, Ashley & JP's wedding was beautiful.  I LOVED her dress but hated that she couldn't move in it. JP truly has a way with words-I was very impressed by his vows. I loved seeing all the Bachelors/Bachelorette's in the audience.
  • God keeps taking me to James 2:5 "Listen, my dear brothers and sisters: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him?" I'm soaking this verse up as we give like we've never given before. Its confirmation in my spirit each time I read it.
  • Brodie just sat straight up and waved at me and then fell back down and is right back to sleep. He is a funny little guy.
  • I'm looking forward to spending some time with David & Megan over the holidays. Its hard being miles & miles away from my baby brother. 
  • I love looking at all the elf on the shelf & elves by catie pictures. I can't wait for Brodie to be old enough to understand.
  • Every time Brodie sees Santa he pushes out his lips and says "ho, ho, ho." It is the cutest thing ever. Its not so cute when he does it to the fat old man wearing a red shirt standing behind us in the Walmart check out line :/
  • Well, going to sleep. Goodnight Blogging World. :)

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  1. As I was scrolling down your post I found myself getting very dizzy due to your chevron i scrolled up and did it again :)


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