Saturday, December 29, 2012


Christmas with a 14 month old is quite interesting. We tried to make him understand as much as possible. I think we accomplished 2 things this year:
1. Santa says "Ho Ho Ho." Every time he saw Santa/lights/red/black/etc. he would push out his lips and say "Ho, Ho, Ho."
2. If you "push the button" we will sing Christmas music. My mom has a singing toy that is the chipmunks. When you push the button they sing Christmas music. Gamma taught him to push the button in her cheek and she would sing. Needless to say, he pushed everyone's button & everyone would sing.

He loved Santa, Christmas lights, & the tree. He especially loved re-decorating the tree.

We spent Christmas Eve at Grandpa & Granny Beasley's & Christmas Day at Gandaddy & Gamma Thaxton's.

This year he got:
From us: Woody, CAT block table, Noah's ark, a train set, a car track that loops and does all kinds of stuff, a guitar, music instruments that float in tub, a sheriff truck, Mr potato head, & a car.

From my parents: Mickey Mouse chair, farm house with animals, airplane with people, magnet alphabets, fake glasses, stocking filled with goodies, Spongebob toy chest.

From Uncle David & aunt meg: shirt and car game.

From Uncle Dustin: Dancing Mickey Mouse

From Aunt Amanda & Uncle Jareb: Gap jean jacket and jeans.

From Cheyanne: Spongebob PJs, Spongebob bath set & toothbrush set.

From Daddy's parents: TONKA truck, TONKA tractor, Legos, remote control go kart, gift card to children's place, gift card to stride rite, koala bear hat.

From Kaleigh (she drew his name): John Deer truck with blocks, Cars Pjs, Spongebob Pjs, bass pro cup with name on it, picture frame.

Brodie was blessed with gifts.

Next year, I want to start Christmas traditions, tell him about the birth of Jesus, and give to another family.

Santa was good to me too! Phillip bought me a Michael Kors purse and matching wallet.

More than anything, I'm thankful that my Savior was born and that he lived a sinless life and then died and rose again. I'm thankful that I'm saved and promised an eternity. I'm thankful for grace, mercy, & forgiveness.

I'm going into 2013 with a positive outlook for us. We are doing things different in 2013 and I'm ready to leave 2012 in the dust. It's been quite a year. It was filled with blessings & trials.

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