Monday, December 17, 2012

The flu has hit Brodie Beasley for the 1st time.  It's a helpless feeling.  We went to the Pediatrician on Saturday and they tested him for flu & kept saying over & over "this baby is really sick."  My heart would fall each time I would hear it. I started blaming myself by thinking I should of put socks on him the night before and I should of never took him to the engagement party....on and on and on. BUT I know its not my fault-these things are going to happen.  Please tell me it gets easier the older they get and the more children you have.  Thankfully, Sunday afternoon he was back to himself + a runny nose.

But, as aggravated as I was that Brodie was suffering through the flu, I was thankful to have him in my arms.

My prayers for healing almost felt guilty as I heard the news of the tragic murders of innocent school children & teachers.  The Connecticut shooting is a nightmare story and I can't even wrap my mind around what the parents/family/friends are going through at this very moment. Moments like these are when the most love is poured out all over the country and its also when God is either sought after or questioned. Of course, we all wonder WHY. Why?? Why would God allow this to happen??
I don't know why & neither does anyone else.  It's our faith that is bigger than the why that pushes us through. I do know that Jesus Christ himself, Gods only son suffered through the most horrific death/murder and God allowed it to happen. Why?? So he could save us.

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