Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kim!

Dear Kimberly,

Happy Birthday! Today, you would of been 27. I can't believe that number.  It sounds so old. I'm sure that's what you would say if I could talk to you.

I think of you everyday, but today I thought of you continuously.  It's your 1st birthday in Heaven.  I miss you so much. Last year, you had a last minute birthday party.  You called to invite me and I was in the middle of moving in Metter and couldn't make it.  I wish I would of went. 

It's crazy to think that today you were born.  You were brought into this world to only live a short 26 years. I can't wrap my mind around it, but I'm so thankful I had those wonderful 26 years with you. I was born 3 months later & we were inseparable growing up.  You were my best friend & sometimes I feel completely lost without you.

I spent the afternoon with your Mama, Daddy, Sister{Shelley}, Logan, & Laney. It made me feel so good to be surrounded by you.  I couldn't quit staring at your picture in your Mama's living room. It was the most recent and you looked so beautiful with your short, blonde hair. You always changed it up and you could rock anything.  You were wearing your pink & black dress & I'm sure you had on those hot pink heels. <You know, the ones that made your calves look AMAZING>

Logan told us that William took them to your grave. They sang Happy Birthday, brought you flowers, & sent you a balloon.  Logan was so excited. Sissy was too.  Your Mama bought Laney a pool for her birthday.  Me, Shelley, & Brodie watched them swim & your Mama cooked hamburgers.  After we went inside, Laney curled up with me on the recliner & told me she wanted to cuddle.  She will never know how much she healed me heart. She is so much like you. Logan is too.

I can't say I miss you enough & I can't wait to see you again.

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog and this entry completely broke my heart! I've been there so I know how you're feeling.... Just remember that you're never alone and Kim is looking down on you! Prayers sent your way!


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