Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The last few days.

Cheyanne got back from camp summer camp on Friday. She called Saturday & asked if she could stay Sunday. So, after church she was ours until she had to go home! Brodie was so happy to see his Cheynan!

After church we went to eat @ Fudruckers and then the mall. Brodie has hit a major growth spurt so all his clothes were a bit snug. I think I bought every shirt & shorts in Childrens Place. I just love their clothes! I also picked up a few things from Gap-my favorite. We shopped all day & then met my dad at Longhorn for dinner.It was 90 degrees so dinner was hard to enjoy.

Monday, I caught up on some work& cleaning & then went to drama.

I ended up with another sweet girl to come home with us. I think Chey & Olivia have started a Monday Summer Tradition-which is fine by us!

Today, we had a follow up appointment with Brodie's kidney specialist to hear the results. He confirmed that everything was normal.
We ate at Spankys for lunch & then went to Walmart to pick up some things for Tuesday family night. We also came home with this.


Brodie LOVES his 1st 4-Wheeler!!

Tuesday night family night consisted of Homemade Krystal hamburgers, Chey & Olivias 4th of July cupcakes, & a photo shoot of Brodie with Aunt Amanda.

The girls & Phillip are now shooting fireworks...at 11:11 pm. My neighbors are going to think we've lost our minds!

Cupcakes by Chey & Olivia

Gamma letting Brodie cool off in Longhorn. It was 90 degrees!!
A few of the Soul Steppers & a future Soul Stepper!

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