Saturday, January 3, 2015

Stupid Questions. Babies. People

Wow, its day two and I'm on my laptop (very rare) blogging.
This is random, but these are my thoughts for the night.
Stupid Questions. Babies. People.
People are OBSESSED with baby talk. It honestly drives me nuts. Am I the only one? Well, I guess that's a dumb question because I'm one of four and we are all oddly alike in a way that we recognize stupid questions and stupid people instantly and then we strive to never be like those stupid people. I hope that made sense. At least I know my sister will understand...I think she is the only one that reads this.  What I mean by all of that is these baby questions. "When are you going to have a baby?" "Are you going to have more?" "How many children are you going to have?"
AS SOON as I said "I do" to Phillip begin asking me about having a baby. I would kindly respond "we want to have one right away." We had dated for years so we wanted to begin our family right away. Well... a few months passed and no luck. Suddenly, the question about a baby would stab me in the heart BUT I would kindly answer "we are ready."  Don't people realize that there are women and men in this world that cannot have children?? And that this could be the most sensitive question that you could ask a woman. People, please stop asking this question. I NEVER ask this question. I know from experience the torture it can bring. Am I aware because of my experience? Maybe, that's why. I know that people mean well...I really do.  
& soon as Brodie arrived...."Do you want more?" Well, gosh lady let me enjoy this one for a bit and then I'll decide. It drives me insane!! It took me two years to get pregnant with Paisley after having Brodie. I began to think and accept that Gods plan for me was to have one child. Deep down I wasn't okay with that. I would have high hopes and then a disappoint every month. It is the worst feeling ever. I hated the question "When are you going to have another?" Or worse...the statement "Its about time for another one!" And now, Paisley is here and I get the questions ALL the time. If I'm not getting asked if I want more I'm getting told that I shouldn't have more.  Seriously. I think EVERYONE has the ability and right to make that choice on their own.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind advice from the wise but that's all it is...advice. I'm not letting your advice control my ultimate decision. For me...I'm not quite sure if Paisley is my last child. Someday, yes and some days no. Part of me feels like I want one more and the other part is saying I'm done. Phillip and I will decide. For now, I am enjoying my sweet newborn, my rowdy toddler, & my teenage goddaughter.
Another question that I get a lot...that I don't mind is "How is it with two?" I can honestly say that it has been the EASIEST adjustment. Paisley is the ideal baby. I thank God daily for her sweet spirit. She sleeps through the night and we rarely hear her cry. She is a happy girl which makes a happy mama. Brodie has took on the big brother role without much jealousy. There was ONE day that I thought he may give me a hard time, but that's all it day of chaos.  I guess with baby #2 I feel more experienced and sure of myself as a mother. I say it all the time, because I'm always asked...If I could guarantee that my next baby would be like Paisley and Brodie would adjust the exact same way that I would definitely have one more. BUT, there are no guarantees and I guess that's the risks we take in life.
About today:
Today was a typical Beasley Friday. Daddy went to work and we slept in. We got up, got ready, grabbed lunch, and did a 2 hour route. Paisley slept the whole time and Brodie watched Batman on his tv. When we got home I cleaned the kitchen while Brodie played and Paisley slept in her swing. We ended our night at Miwa with Mama & Daddy.
Brodie's funny of the day:
Me: "Brodie, do you want an icecream?"
Brodie: "Nope"
Me: "Why?"
Brodie: "Well, Mama...Icecream is really cold."
That little boy keeps me laughing.
The house is quiet without Cheyanne home. She is spending the night with her friend, Madison.



  1. You forgot, "God told me there's a baby in you right now!" That ones my favorite! 😒😉

  2. Great post. You have no idea how hard you hit the nail on the head for me. Thanks!


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