Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
I am so excited to start 2015.
I am the type person that likes to start my goals on a Monday so I'm all for setting resolutions at the beginning of a new year.
As I start the year, I can't help but to reflect back on 2014. The best word to describe it for me is bittersweet. Growth is another word to describe it. My favorite part of 2014 was welcoming Paisley Monroe. We found out March 6th that we were pregnant with her and I gave birth 10/29/14.  She has been the perfect addition to our family. We lived with my in laws at the beginning of the year until May. It was the best thing that ever happened to us during our last two years of losing our business and failing miserably.  It gave us a chance to breathe for awhile. 2013/2014 was a time in my life financially that I never want to revisit. It was also a time of hurt, shame, & embarrassment. Failing is tough and when people are involved, its even harder. I'm just thankful for kind people and 2nd chances. It definitely made me realize that you never know what someone is facing and to be nice to everyone.  The people that were kind to me during that season mean more to mean than they will ever know.  The other hardship was losing my Aunt Glenda. I could go on and on about this. My family was very close to her and her small children. She lost her battle with cancer.   The hardest part has been losing contact with Kaleb & Kayla. Brodie asks about them daily. I hope that this year will bring an opportunity to reconnect with them. But all in all, 2014 was a year that I will always remember. I'll always remember the way my husband encouraged me, loved me and supported me, the way Brodie stayed right underneath me and taught me the strongest form of love, the way my mama handled the hardest time of her life and still helped me through mine, the way my sister showed up and showed out for all of my events, parties, name it she was there and with hours worth of work,  my mother in law cooking dinner for us every night and taking care of my family, the way my father in law made me feel like his home was mine, the way it felt to move into our own home again thanks to the McNamees, the way it felt to have my Dad move in with me and be free from addiction, the excitement of my brothers visiting, being proud of Dustin for doing exactly what he loves in a big way, the way Cheyanne coped with family changes and moving to a new school, and the way it felt to watch my sweet Brodie hold his beautiful sister for the first time. I am so thankful as we end 2014.  
My resolutions for 2015.
1. Grow my relationship with God.
2. Read my bible daily.
3. Pray with my children daily.
4. Get involved in a church.
5. Be a better wife.
6. Be a better mother.
7. Be a better friend.
8. Make healthier choice for myself and my family. With that, lose weight!
9. Wake up earlier.
10. Go to bed earlier.
11. Pay off some debt.
12. Save $
13. Blog Everyday & catch up on past events from last year: My showers, Paisley's birth, Christmas, etc.

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