Friday, February 5, 2016


"Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her." Luke 1:45 

 These were the words of Elizabeth to Mary. 

When Mary came to Zechariah's home to visit with Elizabeth, Elizabeth was filled with the holy spirit as soon as she heard Mary's voice. Elizabeth was pregnant and her baby leaped in her womb. 

 This is one of my favorite short stories in the bible. It made me wonder about Mary & Elizabeth's relationship. The bible says that Elizabeth was her relative/cousin. I'm not sure about you but some of my cousins are my greatest friends. Anytime something exciting happens in my life, I'm calling them. I love to hear the excitement in their voice as they share my joy. This small scene reminds me of that.

 I wonder if Elizabeth always got that excited to hear from Mary.  I wonder  if she was filled with the holy spirit each time she heard her greeting. My guess would be probably not. 

 This time....with only a greeting, Elizabeth knew in her spirit that Mary was carrying something different inside of her. Something had changed on the inside.  
Elizabeth sheltered Mary for three months. I bet they had so much fun talking about what they were feeling on the inside. I can imagine them comparing their growing bodies. 

 I pray that what I carry on the inside is so strong that people recognize it with a simple greeting.

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