Monday, February 8, 2016

Brother/Sister love

After dinner tonight, Brodie requested some left over cake. Paisley was already out of her chair and running around. I get him a piece and before I know it Miss Pay is noticing. Brodie says "Come on Pays, you can have some of mine." He helps her in the chair with him and feeds her. She sat by him happy as can be.

They get down and start playing so I start cleaning. Not too much time passed and I hear the bath tub water running. I peak around the corner to find Brodie checking Paisleys diaper and getting her undressed. 

These two are almost exactly three years apart. I wasn't prepared for the bond they would share so quickly. Now, don't get me wrong...they pick at each other and cry and scream and push and fight too. But more than that, they love each other. Paisley wants to know he is always close by and Brodie is her little protector.

I want to always remember these sweet moments that touched my heart.

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