Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Milestones, Dates, & Tears.

I flipped on the light and said "Cheyanne & Brodie time to wake up!" This is still something that my heart is still trying to accept.  Brodie decided a few months ago that it was no longer cool to sleep with Mama so he traded me in for Cheyanne. Don't get me makes me happy too. He has always shared a special bond with Cheynan. They are best buds and I'm 100% relaxed when he's with her. I am proud and I know its the first step to getting him comfortable in his own bed BUT it still makes my heart ache. 

Cheyanne rolled over and Brodie let out a moan. I went to him and he said "my legs hurt." Part of me knew it was his nerves. Today he was starting a new school. A new school that wouldn't have mama as the teacher.  As much as I wanted to hurry him....I mean we can't be late for our first day....I said "Okay let me rub them." He said "Will you hold me?" So, me and my big boy rocked in the rocking chair and I rubbed his legs. While I was holding him, I said a prayer out loud for him. For him to know that he is a child of the living God. That God would put in him a spirit of bravery. That he would feel at peace and at home on his first day of school. That he would excel in everything that came his way. That he felt safe and loved. After my prayer, he looked at me and said "Mama, I will be okay."
And I knew he would. I knew because I had been praying about this new adventure and God had given me my own peace about it.

So, we got dressed, ate breakfast and jumped in the car. Well, first I had to take a few pictures...

Those baby hands are too much for my heart to bare.
His new school is about 10 minutes from my house, so we got there just in time. I walked him in and he gripped my hand hard as we turned the corner to his new class. His teacher, welcomed him with the sweetest smile. Before I knew it, Brantley (his cousin) was out in the hallway grabbing Brodie's hand and he was off. I followed behind him and he went to a center with Brantley.  And there it was....Batman. He said "Mama, this school has Batman toys!!" I knew he would love it then. 

I got in the car with tears in my eyes. Cheyanne looked like she was feeling the same way. Paisley didn't understand why we were leaving Brodie. 

9:00-12:30 went by sooooooooo slow. 

When school was over, I picked him up and met briefly with his teacher. She said he did a good job and fit right in. Brodie  told me all about his day and said he loved school.

When we were walking to the car, I told him just how proud me and Daddy were of him. He smiled from ear to ear.

When we pulled out, I said "Brodie, let's go on a lunch date to celebrate your first day of school. Just me and you. You want to do that?" He got so excited and said "Just me and you? On a date?" I said "Yep, just the two of us." I started asking him where he wanted to go and he started naming a few places and then asked me. I told him to tell me and we would go there. So he said "I want Chick-fil-A." I said "Alrighty." He was quiet for a minute and said, "But Mama, what is your favorite place to eat?" I said "Chick-fil-A." I didn't want to change his mind...I knew where this conversation was going. He said "Well, mama if its a date then we have to go to your favorite and you have to give me money to put in my pocket so I can buy it for you."  I said "Brodie that is so sweet, but my favorite is Chick-fil-A just like you." He said "Are you sure? You don't sound like you want that." Haha. My heart could of burst. He sounded so much like his daddy. I said "Yes, Brodie. I am sure."

We got out at Chick-fil-A and I put money in his pocket. When we walked in he ran to the door and held it open for me. When we got to the cashier he said "go ahead, you first mama." So, I ordered and then he ordered. With my help and the sweet lady at the cashier, he paid. As I was waiting on our drinks, he went to the condiments station and filled the box up with two straws, some napkins, ketchup for him and light mayo for me. He came back to me and said "I got our favorites." He then led me to a table and told me to sit down.  When our food came I asked him to say a prayer.

"Thank you God. Thank you for my mama. Thank you that she is always happy and makes me happy. Amen." 

Yes, I cried in Chick- fil-A. 

I know I'm sentimental and I know I'm super sensitive, but this life as a Mama is the most rewarding life. There is nothing or no one that can steal the joy that my babies have placed in my heart. I am forever grateful.  Phillip and I are so blessed. 

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