Thursday, February 4, 2016

River Kye

River Kye Beasley

I am 24 weeks! My countdown says I have 15 weeks and 5 day left. If he is anything like his brother or sister then that number goes down to about 13 weeks. 

13-15 weeks away. My mind still hasn't completely wrapped around the fact that I have another little boy. Someone sent me a huge box of baby boy clothes two days ago and it really hit me hard. 

But anyways, I never posted about finding out he was a BOY!!

SO, here's the story.

With both Brodie & Paisley, Phillip and I invited our families to the 3D ultrasound with us to hear the news right away. This time, we decided to go alone. We could find out the gender a few days after Thanksgiving and my brothers and sister had just traveled back and forth with the holidays. We knew that asking them to come the following weekend would be too much. And we loved the idea of finding out, not telling anyone, and telling everyone together on Christmas. Everyone said that I couldn't do it. How dare they say that?? :)

December 5th at 10am we sat in the waiting room at Cherished 4D waiting to find out. I wanted it to be a boy with everything in me and so did Phillip. You see, this baby was a surprise. We had a hard time at first because of Paisley being so young. We felt like we were stealing her time as the baby. Having another girl would be taking something else from her too. But, I know I would of been happy either way. I just hoped for a boy. Plus, Brodie B. was begging God too. He wanted a brother!

We go in and in no time there it was...."Its a boy!" 

Phillip and I were so excited. He squeezed my hand and tears filled our eyes. 

My brother and sister in law had just found out that they were having a boy too! Phillip and I got in the truck and I said "Can we really wait 20 days to tell everyone?" He said "No, lets tell them!"  I completely went against my idea. Yes, everyone was right.  But, I decided I would still tell me mom and my inlaws in a special way. My mom...the "knower" called me and said "God told me what you were having this morning." Me: "Of course He did. What did he say?" She said "He told me that this is the season of boys for our family." My mama. I can't even surprise her! But, I didn't say a word. Instead, Phillip and I headed to the mall and had these ornaments made. 

We wrapped them and put them in cute little boxes and gave them to our parents. 

Aren't they so cute??

River Kye.

When I was pregnant with Paisley, Phillip told me that he wanted to name him River if it was a boy. LUCKILY, she was a girl and I got my way.  I wasn't crazy about the name. 

When I found out I was pregnant this time, Phillip said "Okay now its my turn to name this baby." I loved that he cared so much so I said "Okay, you choose." I knew the boy name would be River and it had grown on me. 

Phillip went hunting one day with a buddy and he brought his little boy. The little boy had the best attitude and Phillip said he was so cute. His name was River. That's when he fell in love with the name.

So, Phillip got his way and we have a little River on the way. Kye is the name of a famous racer that Phillip follows.

After we announced the name, a lady from my church sent me this. I loved it.

This pregnancy has been a breeze. Of course, I was tired and nauseated at first. But since that has passed it seems so distant. I have my energy. I've gained around 5 lbs. I feel good and he moves all the time. All of my appointments have went well and he is a healthy boy. What more could I ask?

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