Sunday, February 7, 2016


My weekend was simple and perfect.

Friday night, I went on a DATE with my husband. This is a BIG deal for us, sadly. He took me to my favorite place to eat, The Chart House. Then we went to see "The Choice." It was much needed and I enjoyed every single second of alone time with Phillip. Brodie & Paisley stayed home with Granny & Cheyanne. 

When I got home it was late and I found my three favorite little people all snuggled up together.

Saturday we slept in, baked cinnamon rolls, played, caught up on our favorite shows, & then had lunch with my mom & Uncle Tobby. After lunch, me and the kids went shopping and Phillip went hunting. 

And today we went to church. Brodie went with Granny & Pa to Brantleys party. They dropped him off at church after because we celebrated Judah's party. After that we came home. Phillip watched the kids after their nap and I napped for a few hours. That in itself made my day.

I love weekends spent with my family. 

Wasn't Peppas outfit too cute today?

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