Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Do you have a routine?


Morning time at the Beasley house is my one of my favorite times of the day. Lately, I've learned that my "me time" is in the mornings. I don't do anything extravagant. I get ready for the day in quiet, I talk to God, and I prepare. This usually is only a fifteen minute process but it gets me going. I feel on track. Usually as soon as I've loaded my car, I hear "Mama." This mama comes from the sweetest little voice...Miss Paisley. At this time, she is usually in my bed. I walk in the room and the biggest smile appears on her face. She wakes up happy, like her mama. We "talk" for a minute, cuddle, and then I get her ready. She likes mornings, too. I think it's because she has alone time with my iphone. I let her play on it while I get the King up, Brodie B.

Brodie is not as excited to wake up. Neither is Cheyanne. When I flip her bedroom light on, they usually both grumble. Cheyanne is good about getting right up and getting ready. I dress Brodie while he is usually still rolled over on his stomach. When he's dressed, I tell him to meet me in the bathroom. He loves routine, too. Get dressed, wash his face, brush his teeth, fix his hair, spray cologne, go pee of the back that exact order.  I still don't know why it is so exciting to pee outside? Thank God we live in the middle of nowhere!

We all get in the car and head to Brodie's school. He gets out, we tell him bye, and Paisley cries.
This is our everyday between 7:30 and 8:45.

I was thinking about our routine today because it was a little different this morning. Phillip didn't go to work because of the rain so I left Cheyanne and Paisley with him. 
Brodie and I followed in the same routine but it felt so "off" to leave them behind. 

We were in the car, pulling up to the drop off line and Brodie screams "WAIT!"
I looked back shocked at his tone and said "What's wrong??"

My first thought is "great, I left his book bag, AGAIN!"

He crossed his little arms, put his head down with eyebrows raised and said...
"YOU haven't prayed for me this morning, mama!"

I didn't know that he valued my prayer. I didn't realize that it had become part of his morning. I didn't even think he noticed it most of the time. 

Who knew that it brought him comfort and peace?

I messed up his little routine.

We were a few minutes early so the school wasn't accepting students. I put my car in park and asked him to grab my hand. Then, I prayed our simple prayer that we pray each morning.

"Jesus, thank you for giving us another day.
Be with Brodie today.
Let peace follow him wherever he goes.
Protect him from evil.
Let him feel your presence throughout the day.
We love you.
He said "Thanks, Mama."

I've thought it about it all morning since I left him.
Some days our prayer is longer and some days it is as simple as "Jesus, be with Brodie today. Amen." But, we pray every morning. 

My routine will always change. My morning time description will change with seasons, events, and the daily changes of life. BUT, I will make it a point to pray with my children each morning. It gives me so much comfort and now I know it does them, too.

Does your child hear you pray? Do they know the importance of prayer and talking to God?
Teach them. Train them. Make it apart of your daily routine. 

If we don't, who will? 

What will the world teach them?

"If we don't teach our children who God is, someone else will teach them everything that He's not."

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